Zombies – The open source monsters

Filmmaker George A. Romero invented our modern concept of a zombie as a slow-walking, flesh-eating ghoul. However his creation has been mimicked and reimagined countless times when other classic monsters such as the Boris Karloff style Frankenstein has been fiercely protected from copyright infringement by Universal Studios. This video explains how a copyright mistake has…

This kinda explains the explosion of zombie based movies, TV Series back 5-10 years ago.  I often attend meetings where at least half of the attendees are zombies, looking for brains.

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Zombie machete slingshot

The German inventor of this zombie weapon of doom has the “Slingshot Channel”.   Watch the video and see the part where he shows you where he hacked up his arm in a test launch and warns you “Not to do this at home, even if you are an expert”  How many zombie destroying machete slingshot experts are there?  He also demonstrates a couple of normal slingshots that sound like rifles going off when they hit the target.

Knowledge is power, Zombies 101

Dr. Steven Schlozman, Assistant Professor of Psychiatry at Harvard Medical School and Fan of Zombies, has written a book called The Zombie Autopsies about all the medical workings behind zombies.  This guy has like serious street and academic cred’s and he explains in simple terms the workings of zombies.  Shit he even wrote a book about it which is on the inter web.   I knew this zombie thing was real all along….

Zombies ahead… Caution

Dateline:  Fort Mill, SC, March 21st, 2011 Two electronic road signs on S.C. 160 near the York-Lancaster county lines were apparently tampered with sometime before 4 a.m. Sunday, said Lance Cpl. Billy Elder of the Highway Patrol.

The South  shall rise again.   Zombies and tanks, go figure.  Are the zombies driving the tanks?  Do tanks have the right of way?  It took a Lance Corporal of the State Police to figure out the signs were tampered with? Does the public have a right to know?  Should Fox News be covering this story or would that be redundant?   Where is Homeland Security? Curious minds are probably LMFAO right about now.