VUE.JS 2.0 Tutorial Net Ninja YouTube series

If you have decided you have had enough of the Angular (Which version are we on now game) and React taking too much effort and you have settled on Vue then this is one of the free courses you can take on YouTube.  Vue is a progressive Javascript framework which means you can work it into projects a little bit at a time.  A very small footprint of 20KB min+gzip Runtime, Blazing Fast Virtual DOM, Minimal Optimization Efforts.  The add-ons allow Vue to handle HTTP requests and do routing.

There are 44 Episodes, each a small part of the VUE infrastructure with code examples.  I tent to agree with the instructor this is one of the best FREE video series on YouTube if not the entire web.  Presentation style is quick and precise and keeps your attention.

I thought I was hot shit after taking some other VUE training and discovered, after taking this tutorial,  I was just a little shit.  I appreciate the effort that went into these videos and would highly recommend them.

It doesn’t hurt that I live in East Lansing home to Chris Fritz, a member of Vue core team,  and get to hear him talk at some Meetups.  All it took was one 15 minute conversation with Chris and I switched gears to Vue.  I’m still learning but, it is going well.

Via: Vue JS 2 Tutorial #1 – Introduction The Net Ninja