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Since the inception of ham radio until the early 2000s, the licensing of an individual to become a ham radio operator has required an examination in sending and receiving international Morse code, CW, or “continuous wave” (as opposed to spark transmissions, which were intermittent). The reason for this was that the on/off nature of Morse code was reliable, needing the minimum of technology to implement, and that frequency stability and selectivity of early radios did not facilitate voice transmission and reception. There are many quant videos of military training films for Morse code instruction. To put it simply (which I try to do, sometimes too simply), almost any individual — especially one with musical ability — can learn Morse code in about two weeks to the five words per minute level (WPM), and about six weeks to the 13 WPM level.

I am KD8VON.  I have struggled to learn Morse Code for a few years now.  Nice to see that the effort wasn’t wasted.

Recently I did a DIY project on my YouTube channel changing the standard “Hello World” blink script for Arduino to be just a little different for those amateur radio operators who know the Morse.

GMH 053 DIY a better Arduino blink sketch, Hello World, Ham style

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GMH 053 Project Build a better Arduino blink sketch, Hello World, Ham style

Hello from KD8VON. The standard Arduino blink sketch used to confirm your Arduino board is working is just too boring. Being an Amateur Radio Geek I wrote this sketch to blink hello world out in Morse code.

Who knows Morse code? Some amateur radio operator, some pilots and a few Geeks like me.

This video and sketch are dedicated to Harvey Ernst who introduced me to Ham radio and electronics back when I was 13. Thank you.

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GitHub link to the HelloWorld Arduino sketch

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