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First, I’m going to “introduce” myself in an attempt to establish a greater level of credibility than I might otherwise be able to muster! I’ve been working for over 30 years. My entire career has been in the COBOL space, the vast majority of it working with Global 2000 companies to deliver COBOL application development…

I cut my teeth in the Cobol world.  I was college trained in Fortran, Algol 60, Snowball, and PL1.  The place I was working at as a collection agent found out I was a computer major and offered me a job to manage the IT Department with a Honeywell Mode 58 running a 5K version Mini-Cobol and ISAM.  It was one of the best times of my career. I moved up to using Multics and Cobol to write utility programs and training programs for high school kids.  My mainframe Cobol was on a banks IBM 360 system.

I guess for the right amount of money I could get back up on the bicycle again.  😉

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SQL or NoSQL what a tangled web we’ve weaved


Back in the days time four, I was a hierarchal database specialist.  Anyone remember hierarchal, flat files or indexed sequential access (ISAM)?  When relational DBMS took off, back in days times two, I became a relational convert and preached the benefits of SQL in all of it’s English like glory.  Then I suffered through DDL hell and mapping madness, but I stayed true to the cause.  Well,  now I’m a Not Only SQL (NoSQL) first level apprentice and speak the Mongo and Hadoop chapters of the Database bible.  What’s worse is that I’m a flip-flopper between the relational and document worlds.  What I’ve learned is you don’t have to pick the Right side or the Left side, you will end up eating both sides eventually.

Take some time to learn the NoSQL side of the database house.  Install Mongo on your system, get a few sample NoSQL databases,  use the Mongo command line just to learn some of the syntax.  There are a ton of YouTube videos and Udemy courses on this stuff.  Once you’ve created your first table (Document) without the Create Table… you might like it.  Mikey did, he likes everything.

This article from Lisa Vass is a good introduction as to why and when you should choose.  It’s not surprising that relational databases are not doing as much of the lifting as they have in the past.