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First, I’m going to “introduce” myself in an attempt to establish a greater level of credibility than I might otherwise be able to muster! I’ve been working for over 30 years. My entire career has been in the COBOL space, the vast majority of it working with Global 2000 companies to deliver COBOL application development…

I cut my teeth in the Cobol world.  I was college trained in Fortran, Algol 60, Snowball, and PL1.  The place I was working at as a collection agent found out I was a computer major and offered me a job to manage the IT Department with a Honeywell Mode 58 running a 5K version Mini-Cobol and ISAM.  It was one of the best times of my career. I moved up to using Multics and Cobol to write utility programs and training programs for high school kids.  My mainframe Cobol was on a banks IBM 360 system.

I guess for the right amount of money I could get back up on the bicycle again.  😉

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Emulate an Apple 1 Computer with this Pocket-Sized ESP8266

The Espple project, by Hrvoje Cavrak, is an Apple 1 emulator running on the ESP 8266. That alone is pretty neat, because that means the system is small enough that it can be carried around in your pocket. However, Hrvoje went a step further and made this project really stand out. His system generates the proper RF signal to work with PAL televisions! So not only can you carry it in your pocket, you can theoretically leave it there and just tune your television to it. All control and functions are done via a telnet session.

The fourth or fifth computer I have was an Apple I.  I enjoyed it and learned quite a bit from it.  I might do the Hrvoje’s project but use the NTSC standard used in the US.  I have a basket of ESP8266’s.  For crafty makers, there is some satisfaction in emulating an old computer on the smallest possible form factor.  What was my first computer?  It was a Honeywell Model 58 with 10k of memory.  It weighted 800lb’s and took 10amps and 220v and used punched cards.

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