2017 Is Quickly Becoming The Year Of The API Economy


APIs (Application Programmer Interfaces) are the components that enable diverse platforms, apps, and systems to connect and share data with each other.  Think of APIs as a set of software modules, tools, and protocols that enable two or more platforms, systems and most commonly, applications to communicate with each other and initiate tasks or processes. APIs are essential for defining and customizing Graphical User Interfaces (GUIs) too.

Yea… Yea… Yea… I know this article is a year old, it’s not fresh anymore and you think the Geek must be desperate to get a post out.  Nope, this article pointed out what the direction and importance API’s play in the IT world.  Problem is the industry wasn’t ready for this movement.  I actually think that 2018 will be a critical year for API’s and shared solutions.  My prediction rate for 2016 was at 82%, so far 2018 I’m at 90%.

Via: 2017 Is Quickly Becoming The Year Of The API Economy