Deputy Attorney General Rosenstein’s “Responsible Encryption” Demand is Bad and He Should Feel Bad

OCTOBER 10, 2017
Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein delivered a speech on Tuesday about what he calls “responsible encryption” today. It misses the mark, by far.
Rosenstein starts with a fallacy, attempting to convince you that encryption is unprecedented:

“Our society has never had a system where evidence of criminal wrongdoing was totally impervious to detection, especially when officers obtain a court-authorized warrant. But that is the world that technology companies are creating.”

Would you give the keys to your house to the government and just expect that they would behave and not ransack your house while doing the “Looking for the terrorist” game?  My secret stuff is just that “Secret”.  I don’t need a reason for it to be secret and I’m not going to justify making it secret.  The government wants the keys to the kingdom to protect us from the criminals.  I use security and encryption to protect myself from the criminals.  I am proactive and don’t need the government to have a backup set of keys to my stuff.


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