Ubuntu 17.10 TIP Install Visual Studio Code GMH 067

Install Microsoft Visual Studio Code GMH-067. Visual Studi Code aka Code is one of best editors I have used. The main reason is that there is a vast collection of extensions the community has provided. Any language you write in has a syntax highlighter and possibly Intellisense. Ther are even some extensions that provide for an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) like C++ for Arduino. Code is a cross-platform application that runs on the Window, Mac and Linux platforms I use for work. I believe it is written in JavaScript, NodeJS, and Electron. Basically Code is a web page that has been “compiled” to be usable on any platform that supports JavaScript and Node. Code is not the fastest editor as a number of other YouTubers have demonstrated. Sometimes speed is not the only consideration for an editor. Code is plenty fast for the work I do.

Like most applications Code can be installed with a download from a web page followed by using the Ubuntu Package Installer or using the Terminal and entered the commands. I’m using the first method as it is a bit easier.

I will create a very short PowerShell script and install the Code Extension to make Powershell coding go quicker. Code has an Integrated Powershell console to help in the development and testing of your coding efforts.

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