GMH 044 Tool Tyme Harbor Freight

Starting a new “Tool Case” that is a little more manageable than my old metal tool box. Going to do this one the cheap as much as possible. Starting with a Harbor Freight Tool case. I know there are lots of folks out there who like to talk trash about Harbor Freight and their “Use once and throw away” tools. If I were a carpenter or electrician I might decide to shop someplace else. But if I’m on a budget and just doing something as a hobby I think that for some items Harbor Freight is “Good Enough”.

18 in. x 6 in. x 13 in. Silver Aluminum Case $24.99, this is good item to use a 20% off coupon on, then it’s $20 ish

Snapgate 10 Ft. Carabiner Tape Measure $0.99

Pittsburg 25 ft. x 1 in. QuikFind Tape Measure with ABS Casing $3.99, free with coupon

Pittsburg 2 Pc Mini Locking Pliers Set $4.99

Pittsburg 6-1/2 in. Wire Strippers with Pressure Adjustment $5.99

Central Forge 12 Piece Precision Needle File Set $3.99

Pittsburg 26 Pc Ratcheting Screwdriver Set $9.99

Storehouse 18 Compartment Small Storage Container $2.99

Pittsburg 15 lb. Capacity Telescoping Magnetic Pickup Tool

Portland Saw 6 In. Mini Hacksaw $4.99

Pittsburg Pro Automatic Center Punch $3.99

6 in. Utility Shears $1.99

Hardy Mechanic’s Gloves Medium $5.99

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