How to Create a Random Meal Generator


For the first project in the #100Days100Projects I thought about working with a public API in order to get some data that would be displayed in a webpage – an usual thing to do with an API.

For that I chose to use TheMealDB‘s public API in order to get some random meals by pressing a button. Something straightforward!

Nice simple Javascript project using an API with the fetch command and promises.   A very simple CSS style sheet.  Vanilla Javascript, no jQuery, frameworks or major CSS library.  This back to basics approach is what most students should learn first.


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English – Build a JAMstack-Powered Website in 4 Steps

March 21st 2017 TWEET THIS According to, when talking about JAMstack, we no longer talk about operating systems, specific web servers, backend programming languages, or databases. The JAMstack is not about specific technologies. It’s a new way of building websites and apps that delivers better performance, higher security, lower cost of scaling, and a better developer […]

Javascript, API’s and Markdown are the (JAM) behind static web sites that are generated quickly and perform even quicker.  JAM is becoming more and more prevalent in static web sites including blogs, product catalogues and documentation.

via English – Build a JAMstack-Powered Website in 4 Steps — Acordo Coletivo: Cidadania

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Build a Real-time Voting App with Pusher, Node and Bootstrap


In this article, I’ll walk you through building a full-stack, real-time Harry Potter house voting web application. Real-time apps usually use WebSockets, a relatively new type of transfer protocol, as opposed to HTTP, which is a single-way communication … more

Node, Bootstrap, Pusher, a nice combination to show a real-time interface for the web that isn’t just another chat program.

via Build a Real-time Voting App with Pusher, Node and Bootstrap — JSFeeds

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ODBC bindings for SQLite/Node.js

So here’s the latest on my plan to come up with the easiest, simplest way to write an intuitive, nice looking Woo-related browser app that’s able to connect in a very simple way to a local datastore on the desktop. There is only one problem: unlike, say, C, JS has no built-in file I/O […]

I still find myself getting into projects that have modern application stacks and older database interface including SQLite.  ODBC was the cat’s PJ’s 20 years ago but has been replaced by other DB interfaces.  ODBC is still in use at many companies and government agencies.

via ODBC bindings for SQLite/Node.js — WIDGETERIA

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Article: Data Analytics in the World of Agility

Is it all about customer-centric business, or is there any data left? Can we integrate data analytics and customer empathy? This article explores how we can move towards a more customer-centric business and what information we require in order to understand the most valuable thing we have: our customer. By Almudena Rodriguez Pardo

Agile in data analytics is the art of designing solutions based on data rather than requirements and specifications.  We spend a ton of time on process flow diagrams and user interface and user experience and piles of documentation.  It’s about the data, especially in data analytics.  You need tools to help you process the different sources of data and the vast amount of it.  You need to master the statistics of data so you focus on the proper pain points and profit points.  These are skills that aren’t taught at University they are learned in the business trenches.  The skills are learned by going down the wrong path a few times.

via Article: Data Analytics in the World of Agility — InfoQ

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vscode: Using the VS Code debugger with Node

This lesson shows you how to debug your Node.js applications using the VS Code debugger. … more

I recommend that if you code with Node, JavaScript, Vue or Python whatever use the Microsoft Visual Studio Code editor.  It’s not your fathers VIM or Notepad++ it’s an editor with a vast ecosystem of extensions that make just about any development task easier.  It is an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for just about any language or database.   I even use VSCode to write technical and maker documentation using ASCIIDoctor.

Debugging a Node application can be difficult if you debug print to the terminal.  What variable do you need to print, how do you know where you are in code when the print happened, what do you do when the code is working and those debug prints are slowing the app down?  The Node debugger is just like the full-blown visual studio debugger with the ability to put Checkpoints and watch variables as you step through the code.

via vscode: Using the VS Code debugger with Node — JSFeeds

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Become a Cleaner Coder Quickly


What is the clean code? Well, in simple terms, clean is a code that can be easily understood and modified. Why clean code? You need clean code because code is meant to be read by humans, not by machines, the cleaner it is the easier it will be understood. You’ll be building systems that are…

I have been accused of putting too many comments in my code.  because I was a trainer as well as a coder I added comments to help students understand the code and concepts.  Some developers were “Offended” by the level of comments as if I thought they were dumb.  I write comments to help people learn that includes those just getting started in development or just getting started trying to understand a new application they have been handed.

via Become a Cleaner Coder Quickly — DZone Agile Zone

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Control a vintage Roland pen plotter with Raspberry Pi

By refitting a vintage Roland DG DXY-990 pen plotter using Raspberry Pi, the members of Liege Hackerspace in Belgium have produced a rather nifty build that writes out every tweet mentioning a specific hashtag. Liege Hackerspace member u/iooner first shared an image of the plotter yesterday, and fellow Redditors called for video of the project in…

This project brings back fond memories. My senior project in High School was a program that read a computer program and drew a flow chart on a plotter.  The plotter was the newest item in the computer lab at school.  The computer was an IBM 1130 and the programming language was Fortran.  We only placed 2nd, first place was a program that played music by manipulating a massive line printer.  How far back was that?

via Control a vintage Roland pen plotter with Raspberry Pi — Raspberry Pi Blog – Raspberry Pi

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Should I Read Books as a Software Developer?


Developers always ask me if they should be reading books, and if so, which books they should be reading. While the developer can learn a lot from different kinds of tutorials or examples, nothing can replace a good book. A book, and especially a good one, will give you an overview of a certain field,…

I need to take Milan’s advise and resume reading again.  Back 10 years ago I was reading non-stop about .NET, MVC and UI.  I remember creating some of the more lasting projects during this time.  I tend to watch videos on how to do something because like everyone I don’t have a lot of “Free” time.

via Should I Read Books as a Software Developer? — DZone Agile Zone

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A JavaScript Framework for Robust UI Applications


Your end-user after seeing your new UI In a previous article I presented a simple JavaScript state machine. In this article, I extend the approach to UI applications that are integrated with server models. I have used jQuery to demo the framework and Spring Boot to provide the server API. You may also like: Developers…

I often tempted by Travesy Media recommendations to just learn JavaScript first before any frameworks, libraries.  I try to avoid the framework of the week temptation where something shiny and new is sparkling in front of me.

via A JavaScript Framework for Robust UI Applications — DZone Web Dev Zone

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