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2017 was a remarkable year for Node.js, according to Mark Hinkle – Executive Director of the Node Foundation – and we couldn’t agree more. Node.js has an enviable position in the world of tech: There are more than 8.8 million Node instances online every day which number has grown significantly in the past year. The…

The article on using Node to set us a REST API service was my guiding light for my first API.  I learned that by using RESTify I could reduce the number of errors due to ignorance by letting RESTify spell out the rules and format.

The whole Async/Await part of JavaScript to allow async Node apps have some sync parts will become more prevalent in code in the next year.  I just got used to using promises now there is Await.

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miniZ: Tiny Streaming Radio Based on Classic Zenith “Cube”

Thanks to Robert for sending us this tip! Robert writes: Just posted up a project on hackster.io for a vintage internet radio. This thing is tiny, less than 5 inches square. The interesting thing is it emulates an old Zenith radio dial with rotary encoders and a piTFT, using the powerful pi3d software library. See…

Ok, I have to admit this is a project that was totally my idea and Robert just stole it.  Alright, alright I’m just jealous because he did it first.  I do have a plan for an internet radio with simplified controls (One knob, One Button, and a paperwhite display) and while it looks good on paper I was missing some design parts that are clearly described in this article.  Special thanks to Robert for helping motivate me to start this one.

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Simple Modal Notifications in Vue.js with Vue-SweetAlert2 — JSFeeds

The alert() method available on the Window object for notifications and alerts in your apps is really not ideal for most situations. For one, it’s ugly and has no way to be customized. Thankfully, a popular library called SweetAlert 2 (sucessor to SweetAlert) … more

This node add-on allows for much better modal windows than just plain Javascript.  This updated library has quite a few new features.

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5 GitHub tips for new coders

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This October I celebrated my 5 year anniversary working at GitHub. 🎉 5 years ago, I was an enthusiastic accountant (like straight nerd — my former twitter handle was @taxaly) who knew nothing about code, let alone about using Git and GitHub.

Now I’m an enthusiastic Data Scientist who knows a handful of things about coding using Git & GitHub. It’s partially thanks to learning these technologies that I made this rewarding career switch.

But even working at GitHub, learning Git and GitHub were hard! As it’s own form of an open source contribution, I wanted to share with other folks new to coding my top 5 tips for using GitHub.

I should have known some of these, I didn’t really know them.  There are excellent tips to”Git” going.  Sorry, I just had to do one quip.

Alyson La





More Twists In The Story of TechShop: 2.0 Agreement Cancelled — Make: DIY Projects and Ideas for Makers

The ongoing saga that is TechShop continues to face twists and turns as the Memorandum of Understanding is cancelled. Read more on MAKE The post More Twists In The Story of TechShop: 2.0 Agreement Cancelled appeared first on Make: DIY Projects and Ideas for Makers.

Does this ever end?

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The vicious circle of mediocre work And how to break out of it

Why do some people, some teams, some companies create outstanding work, while others seem stuck in mediocrity? Why do some of us excel in creativity, have better ideas, and find ways to make ideas happen while others don’t?

One of the thoughts I’ve recently had was How Does Focus Affect Creativity?  If you only get to work on something that might be disruptive and helpful for 30 minutes at a time you are most likely to just give up.  I’m the one who will be working away when all of a sudden…. squirrel.  I frequently go down the rabbit hole with the justification that its a better place.

I use a method I call “Dailies” which is using a simple text editor with a list of things.    Simple categories  Work, Personal and New Ideas.  The “Squirrel Calls” goes down under New Ideas.  Because it’s a simple text editor I can go crazy defining the thing.  Next day I start over with a blank daily and enter things I need to do for just that day.

I also put the distractions on the Dailies with a minus hours (-.25) to show myself how much time I lost to distractions.  I use a markdown syntax called ASCIIDoc to make the simple text file look great in a browser.

When I actually have some time I go back to Dailies and read through the new ideas after they have sat for a few days or a week.  I’m amazed at how many of the ideas lose the “Shiny” New Thing status.

Follow your passion doesn’t work in the real world, take a few minutes and watch Mike Rowes YoutTube video about this topic.  When I’m doing the things I love to do I appreciate them more because I don’t expect life to be full of them.  Too much passion will kill you.

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Brief Analysis of the State of JavaScript 2017 Results

image showing the relative use of typescript and flow among React developers

In the 2017 edition of the “State of JavaScript”, over 28,000 developers responded, supplying the community with a diverse dataset to analyze, enabling myriad discoveries about how JavaScript is being used. JavaScript continues to change at a fever pace with some industry stalwarts stalling while upstarts advance. By David Iffland

Looks like I bet on the right horse, Vue jumped ahead of Angular (whatever version it is today).  REST/JSON needs to look out for GraphQL.

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Security Architecture: Knowing the Adversary, a reason for DefCon

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When I present or teach on a security topic, I take the time to cover the mindset of the adversary. There are a lot of maxims out there to “know thine enemy,” but here’s a good recent one that explains why:

“Unless you can think the way that an evil person thinks, then you’re defenseless against them, because they’ll go places you can’t imagine and then they win.” – Dr. Jordan Peterson

Dr. Peterson said this as he was talking on the Jocko Podcast, specifically episode 98.

In discussion with security people, they question why DefCon exist.  They claim “All it does is help those with criminal intent get an education”.  Know thine enemy.

Sun Tzu

“If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles. If you know yourself but not the enemy, for every victory gained you will also suffer a defeat. If you know neither the enemy nor yourself, you will succumb in every battle.”

― Sun TzuThe Art of War


Security conference held by Security corporations don’t hold a candle to walking amongst the hackers or wannabes.

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Video: See our full interview with Apollo 7 astronaut Walt Cunningham


Around NASA and its contractors, the phrase “Return to Flight” carries special meaning. It’s used very seriously in very specific circumstances: a “Return to Flight” mission is a resumption of normal scheduled missions after an anomaly or accident. Most recently, the phrase was used to refer to the 2005 STS-114 and STS-121 shuttle flights, which were the first missions to take flight from the Kennedy Space Center following the destruction of Columbia in early 2003. Prior to that, STS-26 was the “Return to Flight” mission in the aftermath of the Challenger disaster in 1986.

This is a very inspiring video of the “Return to Flight” after an accident where astronaut lives were lost.  Science isn’t perfect, we make mistakes, we have failures.  But we do everything in our power to protect the people.  “Return to flight” is like a cancer survivor saying out loud, “I am still alive and I will continue”.

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ASCIIDocFX Getting Powershell as your Windows Terminal.


The Geek have been converted, hallelujah, pass the cmdlets.  The Geek was a self-proclaimed expert at Windows Batch files.  I could get them to sing, dance and tell jokes.  The writing on the wall and Microsoft’s recent lapse in sanity have resulted in PowerShell is available on both Windows and Linux, image that.  This means the Geek uses PowerShell whenever possible so that sometime soon I can get to the level where “I don’t suck at that anymore.”

The Geek also uses ASCIIDoctor for all of the technical document he generates.  I can use Visual Studio Code with a bunch of plugins and rapidly create documentation, research notes, and general ramblings.  ASCIIDocFX is an open-source, multi-platform, extensible editor for ASCIIDoctor files.  For a long time, it was somewhat unstable and had a limited support and community.  Recently I revisited it and it has recovered from whatever was ailing it.

ASCIIDocFX Terminal Mode

  1. So you click on the Terminal button on the bottom of the page
  2. The window opens, and it’s got the Windows Command Processor, in it, how sad.


ASCIIDocFX Setting Mode

How difficult can this be?  Opps, I just recited the magical black spell on this whole thing.

  1. Click on Settings  on the right sidebar
  2. Click on Terminal Settings
  3. Scroll down to the Terminal Starter (Windows) entry, there is the culprit cmd.exe.
    Let’s change this to Powershell.exe
  4. I also like colors, so I changed my background color to blue and foreground color to yellow, this is my standard PowerShell colors.
  5. Then scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on the Save button.


Then I closed down ASCIIDocFX and reopened it. clicked on that

  1. Clicked on that Terminal button again.
  2. I’m still stuck in Windows command line hell, what the hell!


So with great confidence, I closed ASCIIDocFX and reopened, just in case.

  1. Then I mashed down on the Terminal button again
  2. I’m still sad but, now add frustratation to this.


So what do I do, the same thing we all do….


Test Powershell in ASCIIDocFX

All this gets me is more frustration, so I wonder “… Does ASCIIDocFX even know if Powershell exist?”

At the Windows Command Prompt I type Powershell, it works, that’s a good sign

When I do a simple test with a PowerShell cmdlet, at the PowerShell PS prompt I enter write-output “GeekMustHave Powershell”, that works, another good sign.  I like good signs but, I’d like PowerShell even better.