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Since you’re reading this, it surely would be no news to you that data visualization has become a very critical part of the IT world today. The huge amount of data being generated by different web technologies needs to be properly refined and visualized for the world to use and gain insights from it. The…

The question here is now how hard is it to do data visualization using JavaScript.  The real question is which of the many options is the one to use.  I use a combination of D3 and C3 (One of the libraries in this article.) with some amount of success.  Not everything is free but for good information in a visual format, a few bucks is a good investment.

The nice thing about this article is it has code examples for each of the libraries to give you an idea of how they function.

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Deputy Attorney General Rosenstein’s “Responsible Encryption” Demand is Bad and He Should Feel Bad

OCTOBER 10, 2017
Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein delivered a speech on Tuesday about what he calls “responsible encryption” today. It misses the mark, by far.
Rosenstein starts with a fallacy, attempting to convince you that encryption is unprecedented:

“Our society has never had a system where evidence of criminal wrongdoing was totally impervious to detection, especially when officers obtain a court-authorized warrant. But that is the world that technology companies are creating.”

Would you give the keys to your house to the government and just expect that they would behave and not ransack your house while doing the “Looking for the terrorist” game?  My secret stuff is just that “Secret”.  I don’t need a reason for it to be secret and I’m not going to justify making it secret.  The government wants the keys to the kingdom to protect us from the criminals.  I use security and encryption to protect myself from the criminals.  I am proactive and don’t need the government to have a backup set of keys to my stuff.


Why it’s important to get the UI right!! USS McCain collision ultimately caused by UI confusion

On November 1, the US Navy issued its report on the collisions of the USS Fitzgerald and USS John S. McCain this summer. The Navy’s investigation found that both collisions were avoidable accidents. And in the case of the USS McCain, the accident was in part caused by an error made in switching which control console on the ship’s bridge had steering control. While the report lays the blame on training, the user interface for the bridge’s central navigation control systems certainly played a role.


Node.JS goodness from the Node ConfEU 2017

No, this is not a picture of me.  I’m not that good looking.

Node Weekly November 16, 2017 #214 YouTube 29 Videos from Last Week’s NodeConfEU 2017 NodeConfEU took place in Ireland last week and there are already some great videos out, including Building a radio data network with Node, The memory footprint of Node modules, and a talk about the development of npm v5 and v6. Jamie Munro…


NodeConfEU took place in Ireland last week and there are already some great videos out, including Building a radio data network with NodeThe memory footprint of Node modules, and a talk about the development of npm v5 and v6.

Jamie Munro

A thorough introduction to JWTs and their use from Node. JWTs can contain encoded information that can be validated to ensure it hasn’t been tampered with.

Node.js Foundation

Only a minor update. process.ppidfs.realpathSync.native and fs.realpath.nativeare now exposed.

Frontend Masters   Sponsor

Join Kyle Simpson, author of the popular “You Don’t Know JavaScript” book series, as he deep dives into JavaScript’s core mechanics like scope, closure, this and prototypes new features in ES6 and more.

Jeff Judkins

Memory issues can be daunting when you first encounter them, but this article aims to make them a little more approachable.


Node starts pretty quickly, but here’s an in-progress plan for using V8 snapshots to trim away those extra milliseconds.

Tierney Cyren

The results from a survey of Node devs on their experience/practice with Node security, mostly packed into a huge infographic.


  • Frontend Engineer (Remote)
    Be a part of a high tech startup and be tasked to analyze and develop features for our web application using ReactJS and Node. Dropsource

In Brief

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Ubuntu 17.10 TIP Install Visual Studio Code GMH 067

Install Microsoft Visual Studio Code GMH-067. Visual Studi Code aka Code is one of best editors I have used. The main reason is that there is a vast collection of extensions the community has provided. Any language you write in has a syntax highlighter and possibly Intellisense. Ther are even some extensions that provide for an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) like C++ for Arduino. Code is a cross-platform application that runs on the Window, Mac and Linux platforms I use for work. I believe it is written in JavaScript, NodeJS, and Electron. Basically Code is a web page that has been “compiled” to be usable on any platform that supports JavaScript and Node. Code is not the fastest editor as a number of other YouTubers have demonstrated. Sometimes speed is not the only consideration for an editor. Code is plenty fast for the work I do.

Like most applications Code can be installed with a download from a web page followed by using the Ubuntu Package Installer or using the Terminal and entered the commands. I’m using the first method as it is a bit easier.

I will create a very short PowerShell script and install the Code Extension to make Powershell coding go quicker. Code has an Integrated Powershell console to help in the development and testing of your coding efforts.

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Sad day, TechShop closes all locations, files bankruptcy.

A bit of sad news for the maker community today: TechShop is shutting down nationwide.

Founded in 2006, TechShop is (or, I guess, was) pretty much heaven for the adventurous do-it-yourself’er. Imagine a big building filled with everything from sewing machines to laser cutters to woodworking equipment to welding rigs. Pay a membership fee, take a few classes to make sure you didn’t cut your fingers off or burn the building down, and bam: you had access to it all. Like the shirt above, the general philosophy was “Don’t try it at home — try it here!”

This is a sad day for makers.


Thinking Fast and Estimating Wrong — JSFeeds

Software estimates are fundamentally flawed. I’ve always intuitively known this, but a year ago, I did a little experiment inside Zapier to prove it. Now when I say “prove,” I don’t mean full-on lab coats, large population, double-blind, scientific … more

I have added this book to my listen list on Audible as a result of reading this short post on the experiment to show how as humans we can’t estimate effort and time worth a damn.  The idea of story-points (Scrummy) like 1,2,3,5,8,13 eliminates the fear of estimating low and the problem with the “bid once bid high” mentality.  Each of the story points is “Around” a number of hours giving a little bit of flex when doing resource planning.

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Get to Know the BBC Micro:bit — Make: DIY Projects and Ideas for Makers

It’s time we gave the micro:bit an in-depth look, and showcase what exactly this impressive little device is capable of doing for you.

I recently bought one of these from Adafruit, see my YouTube video Postbag – Adadfruit micro:bit, arcade game pad GMH-063.  

In my first experiments with it, I was a little disappointed.  I tried to compare it to an Arduino or Raspberry PI which I  have become spoiled on.  I dug a little deeper and found some very interesting capabilities including

This was designed for beginners who want to get started without a large investment.  micro:bit runs on two AA batteries.  It has Bluetooth LE 4.0 built in so you can talk to it with just about any computing device.  With a compass and accelerometer, you can use it with motion-based projects, think Jedi Light Sabre.   Large alligator clip pads for when you are not allowed to solder like I am in the living room.  I can see a connector in the future to plug the micro:bit into to use all the pins.   To top it off it has an 8 x 8 led matrix on the back.

I thought maybe because of its size and being an unusual board that would be difficult to code.  Wrong again, “MakeCode: a drag and drop block coding system, and for the “Hard Core” 😉 folk it can be programmed with microPython.  Within 10 minutes after plugging in my AA battery pack I was able to build a block code program to change the led matrix to show rapid acceleration and point to the way to North.  I was very impressed now imagine if you 12 years old how you are going to feel.

I’m ordering one for the grandson for Christmas.  I’d recommend the micro:bit to anyone who still has a 12-year-old sense of excitement trapped in them.

Link to my Postbag video with micro:bit in it.

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Ubuntu 17.10 TIP Install Chrome for better browser experience GMH-065

Direct Video Feed: Non-YouTube direct link to video Ubuntu 17.10 tip on background, dock and Icon size GMH-064. This video is on how to change your background or desktop image, move the dock to the bottom of the screen, where it belongs ;-), finally change the Icon size to be a little smaller. This is really a preparation video for the rest of the videos I’m doing on Ubuntu 17.10. I like to have my desktop environment as clean as possible and be all Geekized. I work primarily in Windows and teach others in Windows so I find it easy to have the dockable Icon bar at the bottom. I also reduce the size of the Icons from comic book size to something smaller.

You might notice the (X11 VNC) icon in the upper left corner. That Icon is there because I am using VNC Viewer on my Windows system to remote desktop into the Ubuntu 17.10 system. Then I use Windows Camtasia to record the video and voice over at the same time. I did it this way because there were some issues with the default Ubuntu 17.10 new Wayland display server and most of the Linux based screencast capture software. They either didn’t work at all or were intermittent. I could have switched to the X11 display server but then some of the new things that make the Wayland display server would be missing from the videos.

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