Postbag Parts Galore GMH 057

Postbag Parts Galore. This postbag is from a number of packages that came to the Geek. Any Geek needs parts to survive, things like switches, jacks, cables, and cases.

  • 01:00 Mini USB Jacks,
  • 02:12 Banana Jacks
  • 03:29 SPDT Slide Switches Breadboard compatible
  • 05:15 18650 Battery Holders
  • 05:49 BNC to gator clips cable
  • 06:29 USB Volt/Amp/Watt/total time meter
  • 08:30 Warch the Geek burn himself
  • 08:49 Lever switches
  • 09:20 Raspberry Pie Case
  • 10:41 Case for W1209 Temp Thermostat control

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Zombies – The open source monsters

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This kinda explains the explosion of zombie based movies, TV Series back 5-10 years ago.  I often attend meetings where at least half of the attendees are zombies, looking for brains.

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