Online FREE! Book: Power BI From Rookie to Rockstar


Haven’t you heard the news? Power BI Desktop released with superb features, there is a massive push in Microsoft for updating Power BI regularly and frequently which makes this product better and better each month, There are so much awesome things that you can do with Power BI, and many other reasons. I actually have to search for reasons why not Power BI!

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Microsoft is giving the other Business Intelligence vendors a run for the money.   There are still a few things Power BI is lacking but the Microsoft team is adding features “Every Month”.  When was the last time Business Objects or Microstrategy was feature updated?

You can start to learn Power-BI for free and do some pretty impressive stuff with it.  If you get to the point where you need to pay for it I think its $10 month.  Is your career worth a week of your time to learn and $10 a month?

Download this book to get started.  There are plenty of other free and “Done dirt cheap” training courses out there.



Frank Abagnale, world-famous con man, explains why technology won’t stop breaches


Frank Abagnale is world-famous for pretending to be other people. The former teenage con man, whose exploits 50 years ago became a Leonardo DiCaprio film called Catch Me If You Can, has built a lifelong career as a security consultant and advisor to the FBI and other law enforcement agencies. So it’s perhaps ironic that four and a half years ago, his identity was stolen—along with those of 3.6 million other South Carolina taxpayers.

“When that occurred,” Abagnale recounted to Ars, “I was at the FBI office in Phoenix. I got a call from [a reporter at] the local TV news station, who knew that my identity was stolen, and they wanted a comment. And I said, ‘Before I make a comment, what did the State Tax Revenue Office say?’ Well, they said they did nothing wrong. I said that would be absolutely literally impossible. All breaches happen because people make them happen, not because hackers do it. Every breach occurs because someone in that company did something they weren’t supposed to do, or somebody in that company failed to do something they were supposed to do.” As it turned out (as a Secret Service investigation determined), a government employee had taken home a laptop that shouldn’t have left the office and connected it—unprotected—to the Internet.

via: Catch me if you can

Sary thing here is that even medical records can be obtained via social engineering.  What do you really need, a name, birth date?  If you have enough information and a phony ID you can get medical services in someone else’s name.  This article is an excellent read.


7 reasons why you should always make a web or app prototype (or at least a wireframe)


  1. Get everyone speaking the same language
  2. Visualize the future product
  3. Share ideas
  4. Read the article if you want to know the rest.

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Justinmind is a high-fidelity prototyping tool, not to be confused with wireframing.  Wireframing is a great way to quickly mock up some pages of a website for review and discussion.  Justinmind can take those static pages and bring them to life so the users, developers, and designers can all feel the flow between the pages.

Justinmind has data-driven simulations of what the content on the pages will look like.  Import a few Excel spreadsheets and you can see data that changes as you interact with the prototype.

Skip the email madness and collaborate with direct feedback on the design that everyone gets to share.  When you are at the point of needing documentation Justinmind can produce many reports as you can dream up using Word Templates.


Lower your expectations to match today’s realities, and you will be happier


Don’t get me wrong: I’m not saying you shouldn’t have high standards or aim high in life. Those things are good. But just don’t rely on your imagination for timelines and outcomes.

It’s counterproductive.

  • When you have high expectations and the outcome is worse: You’ll be frustrated.
  • When you have low expectations and the outcome is better: You’ll be grateful.

Barry Schwartz, a psychologist, and author of The Paradox of Choice put it best:

“The secret to happiness is low expectations.”

Now, this is not new information. Most of us know that high expectations are not helpful. Why do we still have them?

We still desire more, more, more. And when you want more, you expect more.

You see? You can’t fix your expectations without fixing your desires.

Via: Darius Foroux

I can wholeheartedly agree with this.  We expect too much from other people who we really don’t know.  Then we are disappointed when they don’t perform or deliver.  Learn to expect less, you will be disappointed less.

GMH-012 Surplus deconstruction for meters and steampunk box

GMH-012 Surplus Deconstruction meters and steampunk case.  This video is a deconstruction of 3 items from the local surplus center.  It was an attempt to salvage the meters which I seem to have a fetish for.  This deconstruction was mostly a bust. One of the cases was a Motorola radio testing kit that had possibilities for a steampunk case for some future project.

Any suggestions and feedback are appreciated.

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10 Best Practices for Writing Node.js REST APIs

In this article we cover best practices for writing Node.js REST APIs, including topics like naming your routes, authentication, black-box testing & using proper cache headers for these resources. One of the most popular use-cases for Node.js is to write RESTful APIs using it. Still, while we help our customers to find issues in their…

Even if you’re not going to use Node.JS for your API engine, this article has some great tips for starting standards for your project or company.  RisingStack does have a set of Pay tools for Node.JS debugging and articles like this help direct traffic to them.  The articles are excellent reads.

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Integrating Watson Text-to-Speech Into an Android Native App

This post shows how to integrate Watson text-to-speech (TTS) into your existing Android native mobile app.It was a dream come true when I made my first Watbot commit to GitHub. Watbot is an Android chatbot built using Watson Conversation Service. This was for a hands-on lab in a college. As the students were able to…

Watson TTS has multiple voices that can be used.   This article has great code examples and is the first of a multi-post on the topic.

via Integrating Watson Text-to-Speech Into an Android Native App — DZone Big Data Zone

How Scrum Motivates People

2017-02-22_9-14-38.pngIn a lot of my Scrum training sessions, I show this great video of a talk given by Daniel Pink, the author of Drive: The Surprising Truth About What Motivates People. Pink explains there are three intrinsic drivers for motivation: autonomy, mastery, and purpose. I think the roles in Scrum all nicely help in stimulating these drivers. Here’s how: Autonomy…

The SCRUM Master helps the team become self-organizing by letting them have a hand in deciding what needs to be done and then leaving them alone to do it.  Devs are the craftsman, and it’s not money as the primary motivator, it’s mastering their skills and learning.

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GMH 006 Surplus TV Studio lens from the local university TV Stations

This Surplus Goodies video includes some TV Studio lens from the local University PBS stations. They look pretty cool but can’t compete with the optics in our typical cell phones.
These lenses don’t perform very well in low light, and I never got the focus just right. Ther is probably a 12mp C-Mount camera with direct SD Card recording and an HDMI output port. This was my first longer video and I learning quite a bit and believe that my next longer video will be much improved.

The 5MP CMOS C-Mount Camera…

The C-Mount Extension tubes…

Any suggestions on lighting products are appreciated.

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4 Useful JavaScript Libraries for Data Analysis and Visualization

2017-02-21_13-10-03Businesses from all around the globe, irrespective of the industry vertical, have realized the importance of data-driven decision making. Data Analytics is currently one of the most trendy topics in the world and businesses across different verticals are increasingly focusing on deriving meaningful insights from data in order to understand both past and future trends. There…

I have used the first of these libraries D3 along with C3.  I think the others are worth a little research time.

  • Data-Driven-Documents (D3.js)
  • Aperture JS
  • InfoVis
  • Cytoscape.js

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