Lets not talk about the elephant (Hadoop) in the room


Hadoop and HealthCare is a pairing that can help patient outcomes become much more positive.  Everyone who is a health care provider from the nurse aids, doctors, pharmacists, large corporate medical providers all the way to State and Federal governments could be using this but, many are not. Big data sounds impressive and is the “Bright Shinny” thing.  The Hadoop elephant is slowly plodding though the ranks of these providers, and it scares them.  The lack of the “Structure” in the data makes some think it not very usable, highly inaccurate and less intuitive to consume.   The IT departments say “It’s Not SQL, it’s not relational”.  Others think it’s necessary to convert all the structured SQL based databases to Hadoop Document databases.  Some other worry about how they combine two different beasts together.  This article from Richard Proctor outlines just some of the way the elephant in the room should be a new tool for innovation in health care; it is a multi-part article and worthy read.

Lansing Board of Water and Light held ransom


Now this is a switch.  Usually, it the Board of Water and Light holding us hostage with the monopoly they have.  Last night was a “Big Storm” and it appears that lightening didn’t just strike the ground, it struck at BWL as well.  This article in the Lansing City Pulse outlines how BWL will end up paying the ransom, it about mathematics.   This sucks for BWL but, it brings the question of how old is the security at BWL that they can be held for ransom.  Are the control systems used to monitor and distribute water and light as poorly secured?   Just saying.

3D Graphics JS Library WhiteStorm is coming


Imagine writing a JavaScript application with full 3D graphics capability.  Sounds simple but when you include the physics of an object, shadows and where the light is coming from it starts to get overwhelming.  This article by Alexander introduces the WhiteStorm JS library.  After going to WhiteStorm website and trying some of the examples there, I can see this as an extension to the D3.JS charts library to create business intelligence charts that have three dimensions that you look at from 360 degrees by just dragging the mouse about.  Whitestorm with some other components is going to be a significant improvement to complex analytics.   Yes,  I know they are touting WhiteStorm as a gaming library but think a little outside the box. I have added this to my review and test list.  New at 11PM.


Agile vs Waterfall an most excellent diagram


Agile vs. Waterfall A list of exactly what Agile does differently than Waterfall, by Michael Sahota   · Agile Zone.  I have to admit Micheal’s diagram of the differences between the two lifecycles methods is great.  It’s not about writing 100-page documents and casting 200-step project plans, it about developing quickly and iteration, fixing stuff that is wrong early and delivering working software quicker.   For some companies agile is a most excellent adventure for other companies it’s just not possible.   

I will write a “Coin toss app” for $500k for you


I am having a special sale on “Coin Toss” applications.  I will write one for you for only  $500k and I will even toss in a second one for just additional postage and handling.  If you act within the next hour we will include the extra feature where the app will change color depending on your mood.  Think of it as a mood ring for TSA agents.  We are waiting for your call  at 1-800-you-dumb.  Offer not legal in smarter countries like Canada, Brazil and most of the rest of the world.

Damn it! Now you tell me, SSMS2016 & PowerShell don’t mix

PS_BreaksI’ve been told by friends to stop being the early adopter for technology thingies.  I’m on step 4 of the 12 step Technology Anonymous (TA) program but, I still help trying out the latest database thing, in this case, SQL Server Management Studio 2016.  Yea… should have waited, most of my existing PowerSell scripts that backup and sync stuff across my development and staged areas just kinda stopped.  I’d like to thank Drew for his post about this! Helped me get my SQLFoo back in the groove again.  I promise I will not miss another TA meeting.