Business Intelligence – Tableau 9.0 beta rolls out


Tableau is one of the better Business Intelligence tools in the latest NEW BI tools being released that I call BI-Fresh.  It works with many different data sources including some of the larger cloud based databases.  While my experience is limited to Teradata data warehouse with Tableau  I would recommend it for your short list for BI-Fresh evaluations.   Here is a recent review done by ComputerWorld on the latest release 9.0 Beta.

AMCHARTS LiveEditor Prototype a chart quickly


AmCharts is an excellent HTML/CCS JavaScript library for rendering all sorts of business charts.  Thier LiveEditor is an must have tool to add to your Prototyping toolbox.   LiveEditor allow you to import a CSV of your chart values and construct your chart.  Bar, line, column, 2D. 3D. speedo’s and animation along with all of the properties of the chart can be adjusted on-line and you see the results of your changes dynamically.  If you create a free account you can save the results of your efforts and recall them later.  Then you can export the masterpieces you build into HTML and include them in a web page or prototyping tool that allows for HTML.  Take the results of a Teradata query to a Animated Business Chart in less than 5 minutes.

While the LiveEdit is free and a great tool to get the best use our this product you should consider purchasing a license for a server, it’s only $140 which is quite a value.  You can consume data for the charts from a number of data sources including JSON.  Since it is a JavaScript library and uses HTML5.0 and CCS3.0 you can use this library in almost any development library from PHP, Python, Ruby on Rails up to Java and .NET.

Customized HTML Table Generator from Excel worksheets



Sometimes when you are developing a Prototype for a web site or dashboard you find yourself needing a HTML table that is nicely formatted.  Sometimes the data for the data table is in a Excel spreadsheet or a CSV file.  The Table Generator website is an online tool available from any browser to greatly simplify this.    This tool also handles LaTeX, Text, Markdown and Media Wiki tables.  There is a set of themes to help bling up the table formatting and color.  After you import or enter the data into the table you can use the tool to modify it for last minute tweeking.  The generated HTML file includes CSS to help maintain your formatting choices.

IT Support at it’s best

Anyone in tech support has had moments where they just wish they could wig out and say what really comes to mind.  I’ve been at this point a few times and appreciate this video.