London winter film and comic Con – Cosplay video

London Film and Comic Con Winter 2014 at Earls Court in London and of course we couldn’t resist taking our camera and filming some of the amazing cosplayers & special guests including Billy Boyd, Katee Sackhoff, Colin Salmon, Ariana Richards and Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson

This is a well done video of some cosplayers in action with a few well placed video effects to help accentuate the costumes.  I always look forward to these music videos after a comic con as they show off what a small group of people and a little music can do. 

Nikola Tesla–AC Rules song

Nikola Tesla Dood–Sarah Donner and Oatmeal

The Oatmeal is a great web site to invest some of your spare diversion time.  We grew up near Niagara Falls, New York.  When you drive along the Niagara Falls freeway on route to Niagara Falls there is a small pull off where there is a small statue of Nikola Tesla.  For someone when helped the world manage long distance power transmission it just didn’t seem enough.

His lab nearly got bulldozed away for apartments.   Do you think they would do that the the “Wizard of Menlo Park’s lab”?  Fortunately the owner of Oatmeal started a campaign and raised enough money to buy the Tesla lab site and now there is an effort to restore it.

Tesla and Edison were a couple of strange dudes for their time period and they are still considered eccentric.  Brilliant and creative people are often categorized as strange, weird and bizarre which kind of makes me feel better.

Teradata Studio – SQL Assistant Display User DB in initial SQL Source Explorer

imageI have been using SQLAssistant for over 20 years back when Teradata systems were called DBC1012’s.   Now I have been asked to put together a class to help developers using SQLAssistant to use Teradata Studio.  So I have just started using it and I’m finding it both fabulous and frustrating.

I have gone through some of the forums and found some very good tips.  There are some users who say Teradata Studio is the future of Teradata developed tools combining SQL Query, Teradata admin and data movement.  It supports large data implementations and JSON.    There are some other Teradata users who claim they will never stop using SQL Assistant even if Teradata decides to stop maintaining it.

One of the items developers may be used to is when they login to SQL Assistant they get the Explorer Panel displaying their home database.  If my user id is SchusterJPWC then I have a database area called SchusterJPWC.  Some Teradata installations give this home or user database some perm space to create work tables or views for projects.  

The default setting for Teradata Studio will not do this unless your user account is owned by the DBC database.  Most Teradata installations don’t put User databases directly under the DBC root.  There is usually some hierarchy and the user database is down 2 or 3 levels.  This means your User database or Home Database will not appear in the SQL Source Explorer window.

You can fix this by going to Windows-> Preferences-> and make the following change,


You would think if you checked (All databases and Users) it would include your own user database, it doesn’t if it’s not under the DBA root.  The research Teradata system we use does have all the user databases under the DBC root it (All databases and users) will display my user database.