Cool 2 views of a Cycle ride, Front and Back

Two Views of a Motorcycle Ride

Part of my experimentation with photography is a new camera from Oregon called the ATC Chameleon.  It is a small camera with 2 camera’s mounted in it. One swivels up and down the other swivels right and left.  It uses a Micro SD card up to 32GB and takes video in HD 720p.  You can set the video to be side by side or top by bottom.  It come with a set of mounts including handlebar, standard threaded mount and my favorite a helmet mount.


Very simpler to operate even with motorcycle gloves on.  Simple large switch on top moves forward and you hear two beeps, even over the motorcycle engine purring.  Winking smile  Push the big button back and beep confirms the camera has  written the video to the SD car and you can start another.   I have a few other small cameras that I’ve tested on cycle rides and this is one of the most interesting ones.  I’m going to design a gooseneck mount to do a video of the road on one side and me in my helmet on the other side.  


This video is long at 30 minutes but there are a few spots where the curves look like a merry go round. 

Document SQL Server database with free tools, a new project?

Everything SQL Server Compact: Document your SQL Server database with free tools: SQL Server Compact Toolbox and DB>Doc.

While this web site references SQL Server compact it does create a new idea for how to manage the documentation of a SQL Server database within the actual database.  As the database moves so does the documentation.  You can edit the metadata outlined in the article with SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS) but it require some knowledge of  table or view “Extended Properties” and column “Description”.  There are some command line tools and suggestions of creating SQL scripts to maintain the metadata.

There should be a much easier way to maintain this documentation and take advantage of all of the metdata Extended Properties without having to remember what thier named.  There is a tool called Tech Writer which can generate great looking printed documentation from the Metadata in the database.

More research is anticipated in the area soon.

SLP220 Seiko Label printer & Windows 7/8

If you have an old SLP220 Seiko label printer and have moved it to either Windows 7 or Windows 8 then you will have a difficult time finding the proper drivers.  All of the sites you visit to get the drivers are either Spam or Virus sites.  If you go to the Official Seiko site only the newer model printers are listed and the legacy page from years ago is gone too.

However if you download the current driver from the Seiko Site they will work.

SLP220 software driver download

Seiko Site Download

Now I don’t have to buy a new Label printer and supply of labels.  Open-mouthed smile