Cherry 2000 disaster Part II

This is the display you get when you hose a system up with a virus so bad that even the bootable USB “Windows Defender” is powerless to help.   Let this be a lesson kiddies…. always practice safe computing, wear a virus protector when playing with strange unknown files.   Looks like I’ll have to find  Edith “E” Johnson to go into zone 7 and find me another system.

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Cherry 2000 Disaster / Microsoft to the rescue

Over the New Year weekend I decided to watch Cherry 2000,  Not necessary a good use of my time but I have this thing for Melanie Griffith.   So I want to see more than what’s in this movice and I got hunting on the interweb.

Found something I did…..   the Dark Side complete with a virus which did its work because my virus scanner was waiting to get updated.

Now I have a system (My main one of course) which is less than helpful right now.   Had a spare which I put into place and because most of my stuff is in the cloud I was fairly good to go.  I also had used SpiderOak just a week before for all the non-Cloud files.

This damaged PC is now sitting in the corner reflecting on what was done to it.  To the rescue comes a version of Microsoft’s Security Essentials (Windows Defender) which can be loaded to a bootable USB.  (Special shout out to Dan for the link)  By booting from the USB with Windows defender you can avoid any of the nasties that get loaded during the Windows boot process.  The little USB stick is now in my kit of USB drives to help me make things right.

Don’t know how well the recovery will go but I’m more confident now than I was at 9PM New Years Eve when I was looking for more of Melanie.

Lessons Learned

  • The interweb is an evil place with sand people everywhere
  • Files you download with an (EXE) extension are probably not that video you wanted, don’t be so danm quick with the (Enter) button
  • Always do your backups, always
  • The cloud is your friend, remember friends can be fickle too
  • Virus checkers only work when they are turned on, just like lights
  • Microsoft the king of evil empires does have a few good ideas
  • Cute redheads in leather and spandex, with fast cars, guns and a geeky disposition are still hot