I drank the Kool-Aid

After years of ranting about how evil Apple was and that I would never buy anything Apple I am now the owner of a Macbook Air.   Yep I drank the Kool-Aid and I’m liking it.

Most of my dislike for Apple was about the politics and the control they exhibited over the products and the environment.  I needed a ultra book for carrying around because my job has changed.  I tried, I really tried to not by an Apple.  I looked at Samsung, Acer, Asus, etc and did all the research and it came back to the Mac Air was the best implementation of the ultra-book design.  Expensive but Mac Air did what it was intended for and did it with a little more class than the others.

I’d like to thank Dan and Monty two of my cohorts at the gig I’m working now for helping me make the decision by temping me daily with their Mac Airs.  It helps to have friends who have gone through that door before you.  I’d also like to thank my wife for telling me it was OK to give in on my principles and spend a little extra money for something that was right.

I ordered my Mac Air (Still sounds a little wrong to me) from the Ann-Arbor store’s business unit from a young lady named Phoebe.  She said I could use the contractors discount for the company I am currently doing work for.  She would put one aside with all the adapters I wanted and I could come by and pick it up.   It’s only an hour drive away and Saturday was a nice sunny fall day.

So this is my first time even near an Apple store.  OMG it looked like a riot, it was crowded and noisy and people everywhere.  In today’s economy that is actually a good thing.  There were as many blue shirts as customers and with 5 minutes I located Phoebe and she had my unit out on a chunk of open space.   She helped me get it started and registered and even installed the clear “Speck” cover for it.  I plan to carry the Mac Air either in my day bag or just out in the open and to avoid damage to it within the first 3 days (My current record for damage).

While the store was teaming with activity the whole transaction took 20 minutes.   No cash registers, no waiting in line, no time to get buyers remorse.  Quick, simple and painless.  Maybe one of the reasons Apple does so well is that stores are not just built they are engineered for taking care of business while making it look like a trip to a hands-on science museum.

I have the Mac Air set up with a bunch of Business application including Libre Office, Filezilla, Dropbox, Spider Oak and VM Fusion with a copy of Windows 7 Ultimate running for those must have Windows applications (SQL Server Management Studio, Log Me Ignition).   I still have a bunch more to do but so far I have to say while it was a difficult choice it was a good one.

When the rest of my people need Apple hardware I will be going back to the Ann Arbor store because they “Just made it work”.