Thank you Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs –

I have always been outspoken about how I think Apple is evil and on and on.   But I agree with Chris Hetzog from Computer Geeks Tech Tip #335 Steve Jobs has changed how the world thinks and uses computers and media.

Many friends ask me for advice and what tablet or phone to buy and while I won’t buy and iPad or iPhone I suggest to them to get that shinny iPad or new iPhone because for them it “Just works”.   This is what most people want and need “just works” and Steve was good and figuring how to deliver that and the content.

I never quite understood the cult status and fanboy attitude when a new Apple product was about to be announced.   But when you help to define the industry and legitimize technologies that have struggled to get started I can  get the excitement myself too.

I know a lot of folks will miss Steve Jobs and so will I.  Give Saint Peter an iPad when you pass through the gates Steve.