Worlds Fastest Couch 101 MPH

Couches are designed for sitting or, preferably, napping.

But a team of crazed speed freaks in Sydney, Australia, who are driven to put a motor to anything have turned what would ordinarily be a leather two-seater couch perfectly suitable for sleeping away a Saturday afternoon into a racing vehicle capable of reaching speeds of 101 MPH.    Wonder if I can pick the color couch I’d like?

Cosplay Fever lip dub: Raise Your Glass

This is one of the few videos that can raise my spirits on a consistent basis. Special thanks to Pink and the CosPlayFever crew for making me… oh shit, my glass is empty, that sucks….

When You Drop a Slinky, It Floats in Midair Like Magic

Physicist Rod Cross of the University of Sydney demonstrates this amazing effect in a charming, white-haired professorial way: the tension at the top of the suspended slinky and the gravity pulling at its bottom completely cancel one another out. When the toys dropped, the bottom end floats, as if in zero gravity, while a wave of energy moves downwards through the collapsing spring. In the meantime, it looks amazing. Physics, you will always, always be cool.

via When You Drop a Slinky, It Floats in Midair Like Magic.

Two stage Water Rocket

Holy crap this is impressive. George Katz of Air Command Water Rockets has launched a 2 stage cluster water rocket 800 feet into the air.   Just love how the booster stage floats back to earth on a double parachute.

I just did a single stage version recently.  Will need to up my game here.

[Read more about the launch @ Air Command Water Rockets]


Water Balloon in the face

First you see what it looks like when a water balloon impacts someone’s face and doesn’t explode. Then you see it in slow motion, which might make it art.

My head just exploded, The Wall

I lived in Phoenix for a while , I sometimes took mariachi bands for granted, but this song reminded me just how much I enjoyed them when played outside of their comfort zone. Then my head exploded.

Ken doll flies F16 RC plane

Most excellent video of a POV camera from the cockpit of a F16 RC model plane. As the person on the ground flies the RC plane the camera mounted in the head of a Ken Doll tracks the head movements. All of this video is fed back to a head mounted display which makes the RC pilot feel like he is actually in the cockpit. It also has two bombs that can be remote dropped and promptly lost. Nice touch was the addition of a full set of F16 flight panels and gauges in miniature.