Thank You Douglas Adams

Survival tip number one – Always carry a towel. From a comrades desk to the intergalactic highway that once was earth.

Learn about the atom WKRP style

From Gorden Sims who you may know as Venus FlyTrap of the radio station WRKP is now Dr. Universe and explains the atom in less than 2 minutes.

Cute Cat in Tank Video, not…

OK I fell for this one.  Cute cat in tank video.   Cat has a laser cannon and a dead-on aim.   Quite graphic not for little kids, almost too graphic for adults.   “God save us all”

8 Bit Rocks

In an age when one game tries to out graphic the other game with higher and higher resolution and even a smattering of 3D thrown in,  it is refreshing to see an old school 8 bit, 80’s like tune complete with busty blonde.  Superpowerless – We throw shapes.

Sometimes I wonder if it’s more difficult or more creative to generate a dynamic 8 bit video using some antiquated video tools than it is to create a smooth and seamless 64 bit true color video on a Mac?