iPad killing U.S. Jobs

Must be true.  Heard it on the internet.  Must be true. Came from the mouth of a congressmen. Must be true.  Jessie Jackson Jr said so.  iPads also cause tooth decay, moral decline of civilization, crabgrass, and potholes in spring.

As much as I don’t like Apple and their big bother attitude when it comes to the stuff they sell even I don’t grasp how iPad put Borders, Barnes & Noble and probably even the automobile industry in the United States out of business.   Can I get an “Amen” brother?

Maybe the industrial revolution is over.  The information revolution has also come and gone.  The internet is now on version 2.0 or is it 3.0?  What is the next big bang to happen?  The problem of the lack of jobs is not Apples fault as much as Jr. thinks so.   I also don’t think it’s the congresses job to make up bills to create jobs.


Viewpoint Gtablet


It has been a few days sine I posted.  It has been a dilemma between “Do I do this anymore” and what is important.  Recently I have been obsessed with a pair of ViewSonic GTablet 10.1 inch android tablets.  I have been flashing new ROMS on them and playing with the marketplace, bluetooth keyboards and apps out the waz-zoo.

These are not my first droids.  I have 5 inch, 7 inch and 10 tablets from Archos and

I have tried in the last week to make the GTablet a credible addition to my corporate toolbox.  I have only partially succeeded.   I will post some updates as I experiment with these devices more.

I heard it through the cloud

I heard it through the cloud not much longer would you be mine and I’m just about to lose my mind.  Amazon is pissing off some music executives again.   On the copyright front, U.S. record labels are apparently irked that Amazon did not secure content licenses before launching this service. “We don’t need a license to store music,” Craig Pape, director of music at Amazon.

Anyone with an Amazon account can open up a free 5GB music library in the sky.   Purchase your music from Amazon or upload your existing music using a Amazon windows based client.   If you buy one music album from Amazon then you get a free bump to 20GB.  You then listen to your tunes anywhere using a standard web browser or Android device.   Notice I didn’t say iPhone, iPod our iPad.   I can hear the outcry now.

How about these two items in the terms of service between Amazon and you….

“We do not guarantee that Your Files will not be subject to misappropriation, loss or damage and we will not be liable if they are. You’re responsible for maintaining appropriate security, protection and backup of Your Files.”  If you really use the cloud at all you should know enough that your stuff could just go missing one day and never be seen again.  Of course you should back your stuff up.  Misappropriation?  One day Amazon will wake up and decide to really shuffle your playlist up with some rap music from another user?

“You must ensure that you have all the necessary rights in Your Files that permit you to use the Service without infringing the rights of any copyright owners, violating any applicable laws or violating the terms of any license or agreement to which you are bound.” This is how Amazon got around the music industry by saying the stuff you upload to the cloud shouldn’t be pirated.   Problem is some folks in the music industry still think it’s illegal to buy a CD and rip it so you can listen to your purchase on your MP3 player.

So many things I would have done but the clouds got caught in my way…..




Un-boxing gone wrong

I am personally responsible for more than my share of the un-boxing videos on YouTube.  Primary reason is that I hang out with a bunch of geeks who like gadgets.   This video shows what happens when you take it to the next level.