Monty off to the slammer


Monty is being led to the slammer.   Singing out of key is crime in this here state.   We will have to sing a tune to the jailer to bust him out down at the Lansing Nuthouse.   MDA charity fundraiser.


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Judy off to the big house


Judy did it.  We all saw her do it.  Misspell a word and its off to the big house for you.  Raising money for MDA.  Down the Nuthouse downtown Lansing to bail her out.

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Zombie machete slingshot

The German inventor of this zombie weapon of doom has the “Slingshot Channel”.   Watch the video and see the part where he shows you where he hacked up his arm in a test launch and warns you “Not to do this at home, even if you are an expert”  How many zombie destroying machete slingshot experts are there?  He also demonstrates a couple of normal slingshots that sound like rifles going off when they hit the target.

Shuto Con Lansing Anime

This weekend at the Lansing Center the first premiere Anime convention for Lansing.  The event sponsors encouraged “interactive cosplay” where the attendees dress up like their favorite characters and act like them.   The young lady in the photo was over 7 foot tall with the help of some stilted legs and was able to dance.

The “Mock Battle” arena was an fenced off area where attendees could fight each other with foam swords.   The vendor area was well stocked with plenty of anime goodies and many artist doing commissioned works for $5 and $10 each.  Some very good talent.   The organizers were very surprised with the attendance which topped over 1000.   Sounds like this event will return next year.

More images and video as soon as I can get it off the camera and organized.

Knowledge is power, Zombies 101

Dr. Steven Schlozman, Assistant Professor of Psychiatry at Harvard Medical School and Fan of Zombies, has written a book called The Zombie Autopsies about all the medical workings behind zombies.  This guy has like serious street and academic cred’s and he explains in simple terms the workings of zombies.  Shit he even wrote a book about it which is on the inter web.   I knew this zombie thing was real all along….

Fringe is back again 4th Season










The TV Gods are shining on me today as reported by The Mary Sue.  The Fringe saga continues for a forth season on the Fox Network.    Great news.  I wonder what the parallel universe is reporting today?

Dark side claims another

Yes the dark side has claimed another person.  A good friend at work decided to buy an iPad II today and this was the informal un-boxing of the device.  At the beginning it kinda looks like he is stabbing the iPad with the knife.

Apple truly makes great gadgets.  By tomorrow my friend will probably have a little Steve Job shrine set up in his cube and wearing a fanboy shirt.

3/25/2011 No love today.  Friends iPad decided that today just connecting to iTunes after being brought out of the box yesterday was too dangerous.   Back to the Best Buy and the Geek Zombies and on a waiting list again.   No love today.

ZoooooomIt – Make it larger

How many times have you heard them say “Make it larger” and you wake up finding yourself in a conference room and not in some bedroom.   I do a lot of presentations and many times the folks in the room are having just as hard a time as me… reading the screen.   ZoomIt from the Microsoft System Internals unit to the rescue.

You install it on your system and press <ctrl> 1 and you can zoom into the screen and move around.  You can also draw on the screen changing colors with the <g>reen, <b>lue, <r>ed, <y>ellow keys.

Usually after an hour I try to take a 10 minute break press the <ctrl> 3 key and get a 10 minute countdown timer on the screen.  Nobody ever makes it back before the time clicks down to zero but it helps a little.

There are some similar tools available in Windows 7 but I have been using this since my old XP days…  like that was so long ago.   Doesn’t get in the way of web conferencing tools like WebEx, GoToMeeting and Yugma.  It is a single EXE file and is on my emergency thumb drive.

Scanning electronic microscope DIY in your garage

Ok this weekend I make a blinky for my granddaughter which consisted of a 555 timer chip, two LED’s and a handful of parts.  What did Ben Krasnow make?  His own electron scanning electron microscope in his garage!  From scratch!!

Look at this video in the background he has the same stuff we all have in our garages: Corkboards, 200 foot orange extension cord, duct tape, bamboo windows blinds and a frigging scanning electron microscope.  Looking forward to the construction videos on this one.

Blinky my new best friend forever

Soon every home will have a robot helper. Don’t worry. It’s perfectly safe.  He is my new best friend.  He is just like one of the family. Blinky is a cross between R2D2 and Chucky. This is a very good 12 minute short video on our Robotic helpers.