Winamp–Whips the llamas ass


Winamp is yet another media player but one with some goodness that helps me keep my sanity.  I’m not a big iTunes fan as I have an Android and tablet which Winamp syncs with in 4 beats.  In fact you can import your iTunes library into Winamp and cut the Apple core to the heart.

SHOUT!!!!!  ShoutCast radio stations are my introduction to new music.  I have a handful of stations like Chill, Top 100 Station (German) and SKY FM Flamingo Guitar that I rotate between daily.  There are 25 genres to help you narrow down the vast collection of music stations on “the stream”.   There are a number of other free music sources including AOL Radio, Spinner Song of the day and 7digital music will you help stay current.

There is a ShoutCast web site you can browse and search for the stations and play them.  There is also a Windows Winamp client that will allow you to listen to radio, watch TV or view just about any media you have on your PC.

I have a couple of Chumby WiFi internet devices and they have a radio player option on them that will connect to ShoutCast radio stations.   You can actually create your own ShoutCast station and become the DJ you always wanted to be.

Winamp also has a Winamp Remote component you can install on your home PC and then listen to the tunes on your PC at home when you are anywhere on the web including your phone.  I was using this for a short period of time and noticed that my ISP usage had jumped suddenly and my ISP now has a cap on usage.  

I do wished there was a way to put my Audible book collection on Winamp to listen to and distribute to my portable media devices. 

ASUS It’s alive, I Chromed it


Just a short time ago when netbooks were the rage I bought an ASUS 701SD as my first netbook.  It didn’t take long for me to realize it was a mistake… cute but a mistake.  Reminded me of a few girlfriends I knew.   After getting an Acer netbook and an HP netbook the evil empire came out with the iPad and thats all she wrote for netbooks.

I had relegated the ASUS to the tower of shame with all my other guesses where technology was headed.  A little while back I tried JoliCloud beta and it looked like just another Ubuntu distribution.  Then just this week I attempted to find a Chromium distribution for the ASUS and all I found was one from a  K.C. Sample III posting which was from a year or so ago.  It was overly complicated to install and I never managed to get it working on the Solid State hard drive in the ASUS.

So I decided to go to the JoliCloud web site and see what has been happening in the last year or so.  Oh boy was I surprised and excited.  I was able to download an ISO of JoliCloud and a utility to create a bootable USB stick and install JoliCloud on the SSHD in about 15 minutes total time.  What is this I see?… JoliCloud is now “available on the Chrome store?” yep I had guessed right JoliCloud is now a Chromium Ubuntu distribution with the Chrome browser just one click away.

After I installed JoliCloud on my ASUS 701 it insisted on my Facebook login which I supplied and my “dashboard” was populated with a mix of web applications and native applications.  My collection includes Chrome, Facebook, Google Reader, Pidgin (IM), Pandora, Hulu, YouTube, Picassa and XKCD.   There is an app center to allow you get many more goodies including Google Doc’s, DropBox, OpenOffice and much more.

Other than the fact the ASUS 701 only has a 7″ inch screen this is as close to a Google CR-45 WebBook I’m going to have.  This distribution of JoliCloud has been written to work with “older” notebooks.  10 Years old is consider old for a notebook.   Well  in the tower of shame I have some 7-8 year old middle aged computers that I am going to give this a try on.   I’m so pumped about this I got a 16GB SD card for the ASUS.


Go Discovery go

Once in a lifetime shot and now sadly last of a lifetime shot out an airplane window of the space shuttle as it takes off.  I’m a geek and I get chills when I watch this and hear the people cheering in the background.   Go Discovery go….

You’re a character and you now have a number

Reading a book jQuery for Dummies, which makes reference to trapping keyboard events.  One helps you determine when a specific key is pressed like a (k).  Well while the (k) is a character jQuery refers to it as (107) its ASCII value.  The jQuery for Dummies also has a great cheat sheet available.

This book is great it starts out with the premise you don’t much about web pages or programming.  Even though I know a little bit about HTML it was still good to see the building of a dynamic, interactive and animated web page from the beginning.

Move over Facebook we’re in crisis mode

When the Internet got shut down in Egypt and Libya and all those social networking sites became useless in passing the word what did folks use?  Yep … Morse Code and Amateur Radio Operators (HAMS).   When the aliens came and disrupted world wide communication by taking over our satellites how did we tell other countries how to take down the bastards down?  Yep  Morse Code.   Glad I didn’t get rid of my old Heathkit transceiver and Radio Shack 2 meter handheld. 

SyFy Imagine Greater, that’s not too tough

Dog eat Doug - February 23, 2011

I have always had high hopes for the SyFy channel.  I still have the hopes and I’m left with Face Off, Ghost Hunters,  Ghost Hunters International, WWE SmackDown and Urban Legends.  Tell me again how those are science fiction?

However ScFy did bring Warehouse 13, Haven, Caprica, Eureka and Doctor Who.  Latest news is that Firefly is coming back tp SyFy in a just a few weeks.   Looking forward to seeing Captian Mal and the crew of the Serenity back in action again.   Looking through my closet for my browncoat and thinking maybe hope does work.

HP ProBook 4520s has landed


The Eagle has landed, the last space shuttle took off and my new notebook showed up.  A Intel Core i5 at 2.8 Ghz with 4GB of memory and a fast 320GB drive.  Medium sized screen at 15.5 inches with HDMI, VGA and a eSATA port on it.  Need the port to hook up the 2TB drive standing off to the upper left.  Came with Windows 7 Professional out of the box.

New chicklet style keyboard which I am quite surprised at how well it feels.   Has a 6 cell battery which tonight we will see how long it really lasts.  Extra large mouse pad which the entire surface tracks very nicely.  I’m told there is a new mouse driver that supports gestures, pinch zooming and two finger scrolling that will be another night.

Here was the cool thing for me when I checked task manager, just love seeing those 4 CPU boxes hardly moving at all.  A lappy deserving the name “Monstruo”.


WinSQL database tool for the gods


People who serve as Database Administrators often think of themselves as gods.   People like me who have to work with Teradata, Oracle, SQL Server. DB2, MySQL, Access and even dBase and Paradox need a single tool with the same user interface use WinSQL.  The Lite edition has always been free.  There is a developer edition for $100 and the professional edition for $250.   Upgrade prices are a bit less.

Usually to move data from one system to another you have to know the tools to unload the data on one side and the tools to reload the data on the other side.  If you only use one database like SQL Server then it’s not big problem.  However moving data say from Oracle to Teradata is a bit tougher.  DataBags to the rescue.   Bag up the data on the Oracle side then unbag it on the Teradata side all done with just one tool WinSQL.  You can even schedule the Databags to run manages by WinSQL.

WinSQL also handle test data generation, reverse engineering the database layouts and doing backups and restores. 

Flying cars and don’t forget rocket packs too

OK, I have been complaining about the lack of flying cars (and rocket packs) for a few years now. But this XKCD cartoon best points out the real issue. We have stuff that is way cooler than the flying cars. What we will hear is our kids going “Where are the cool screens and gloves from Minority Report“?

Actually I think my response in the last panel would have been “You’re not wearing a shirt, damn….”

Remote Desktop Computer (RDC) Reboot


You’re using Microsoft’s Remote Desktop Computer (RDC) and you need to reboot.   When you hit Ctrl-Alt-Delete all you get is a dialog for signing off, what is this a radio station?  I’ve looked this up more than a couple of times and it’s the Ctrl-Alt-End key sequences.  Sounds fatal, but it works.

The real problem was finding images for the graphics on the heading of this post.  You would think keyboard key images would be easy… no…  I found them at Tech on the Net which I was surprised with the wealth of little crib sheets I found there including SQL. Oracle, Access, Linux, Clipart and some more.  Now a bookmarked site for me.