GMH 053 Project Build a better Arduino blink sketch, Hello World, Ham style

Hello from KD8VON. The standard Arduino blink sketch used to confirm your Arduino board is working is just too boring. Being an Amateur Radio Geek I wrote this sketch to blink hello world out in Morse code.

Who knows Morse code? Some amateur radio operator, some pilots and a few Geeks like me.

This video and sketch are dedicated to Harvey Ernst who introduced me to Ham radio and electronics back when I was 13. Thank you.

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GitHub link to the HelloWorld Arduino sketch

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GMH 018 Postbag Comms Go Bag, RaspberryPiZero, USB Hub wireless

GMH018-Postbag-Comms Go-Bag, RaspberryPiZero, UDB Hub Wireless

Sorry about the long pause between video postings. I’ve some difficulties with my Video Editing software and post-production process. I finally broke down asked for some help from someone who does this all the time. It was well worth the pizza and beer.

Communications Go-Bag, Tactical Military Mid-Size Backpack by Something Strong

Rasberry Pi Zero Version 1.3

Pi zero case

USB 2.0 Hub with WiFi

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I am KD8VON–FCC Technician License, finally….

Back when I was 12 years old I met a man in my neighborhood, Harvey Ernst, who had a bunch of antennas in the back yard.  When I asked him about it he said he was an amateur radio operator.  He said he could talk with people around the world, remember this is long before cell phones and the internet.

It was so cool, a dark room in the attic with the smell of electricity and small cards all over the walls and a world map with pins in it.  Pile and piles of electronic equipment I could only begin to understand.  A scratchy voice came out of a speaker talking in German.

Harvey gave me the microphone and I keyed it and said “Hello my name is John I’m in Buffalo, NY” the voice said back in bad English “Hello my name is Claus, I am in Berlin, Germany”.   We talked about the weather, Niagara Falls, electricity and much more. 

I swore I was going to become a Ham radio operator and I never did it.  Recently I met a gentlemen at a neighbors party who was 70 years old and he had a tiny 4 watt 2 meter handheld transceiver.  He had just gotten his license and was having a ball figuring out how to work with repeaters, tune antennas and talking with new people.

That was what I needed, I got on-line found a bunch of study materials and studied for 2 weeks then took the test, I missed one question.  Much of the stuff on the exam were questions about electronics which I know quite a bit about already.

Now I have a new area to learn, research and share what I understand.  Thing is, most people don’t understand when I say I got my FCC Technician License, they ask is that a “Ham” and why would I want to do that.    Because I could.  CQ CQ CQ KD8VON CQ CQ.

Move over Facebook we’re in crisis mode

When the Internet got shut down in Egypt and Libya and all those social networking sites became useless in passing the word what did folks use?  Yep … Morse Code and Amateur Radio Operators (HAMS).   When the aliens came and disrupted world wide communication by taking over our satellites how did we tell other countries how to take down the bastards down?  Yep  Morse Code.   Glad I didn’t get rid of my old Heathkit transceiver and Radio Shack 2 meter handheld.