2017 Ionic Developer Survey The results are in! And the survey says…


Hybrid dev is dominating, PWAs are on fire, and while Google Firebase is hot – wearables are not.
These are just a few of the results from the 2017 Ionic Developer Survey, with input from more than 13,000 community members who shared their story about the tools and technology they’re using, and the types of apps they’re building.
We’ve posted our insights and analysis along with the full data set, so you can play around and form your own conclusions.
Check out the site and let us know what the results mean to you!
Some of the observations here are very interesting
  • Hybrid development over native development (Mobile)
  • Newer development stacks are being used for internal applications
  • Progressive Web application (Yes)
  • Wearable application (Not so much)
  • Mobile (More)
  • Web (Use the new paradigm)