Learning over Delivery, the Experimentation culture, it’s OK to be wrong


Large organizations want to be like lean start-ups but they need to rethink how they hire, incentivize and manage their staff to become an agile organization. Organizations should reward teams for making low-risk decisions based on what they can learn quickly and build in the value of learning in addition to delivery. By Ben Linders

“Look what I did!”  is one of the favorite statements I like to hear from developers in the teams I work in.  Like a parent who hears this utterance from their child sometimes you are amazed and at other times you just say “That’s nice”.  You never discourage the kids from trying things out.  This includes those kids who just happen to be developers.

Many companies don’t embrace the “Need to Learn” in order to be relevant.  This results in me getting calls to help companies replace developers who have left with the explanation “I’m stagnating here, my skills are drying up”.

I didn’t know that “Failure” was a four-letter word.  A mistake you learned something from is not a failure.  A mistake you repeat and never learn the lesson is the failure.

This interview with Jeff Gothelf, author, coach, workshop leader and public speaker, is about Scaling Lean at Craft 2017.

via Scaling Lean Startup: Principles over Process — InfoQ