Visual Studio Code for Raspberry PI Installation made simple


The Raspberry PI is an ARM-based Linux system.  Sometimes this makes installing software a bit difficult.  Visual Studio Code is my go-to editor of choice for just about everything.  When I attempted it on nyRaspberryy PI 3 Rev b I saw plenty of headaches in the blog posts.  The Jay Rogers came to the rescue with this simple method of installing Visual Studio Code.

Installation Scripts

(including Raspberry Pis, Odroids and other single-board computers)

Packages are currently available in DEB and RPM format for ARM, x86 and amd64 systems.

You can use the scripts here to install the packages and add their repository to your system.

Open a new terminal. If you need super-user rights (you probably do), then you can enter sudo -s and press return to enter a super-user session. Run the installer for your current distribution:

 APT instructions

(including Debian, Raspbian, Ubuntu and Linux Mint)

. <( wget -O - )