“Maker” shows how 80’s synth music was made. Yeah, I miss the 80’s

Here’s a trip down 80’s lane. Espen Kraft brings an 80’s synth-pop tutorial, via MATRIXSYNTH From Espen Kraft: My main inspiration and goal is to relive and renew the 80s music with its glorious and melancholic synth-pop. I do this using old gear, having fun and just do what I love the most! Hear more!

via 80’s Synth Pop Tutorial #MusicMonday — Adafruit Industries – Makers, hackers, artists, designers and engineers!


In short, it’s a simple electronic musical instrument that responds to light. Beep-it is an analog optical theremin. By casting shadows over Beep-it or waving it around near a light source, one can generate a wide range of pitches. Careful manipulation can invoke a wide range of unique sounds. Interesting rhythmic effects can be achieved by using a flashing light to modulate the sound. Found on the Lo-Fi web site.

I just love devices that make noise based on some interaction with it. Analog devices interest me more than digital ones as they are more pure to noise. This thing is made by Michaek Una who I met at the 1st Annaul Makers Faire in Detroit. I bought a few bangles from him and got him to talk about the future of toys and music. I’m glad to see he has taken his idea and when mainstream with it. Just placed my order for one of them to add to my collection.