Happy 5th Birthday Raspberry Pi group, Thanks for the Pi Zero “W” wireless

Pyromaniac shares: I wanted to create a simple to print, detach and mount case/holder for the Raspberry Pi ZERO (W). It has only one part You don’t need any screws You have detach helper (see pictures), use a small screwdriver or something similar Because of the “springs” in the middle, the case is flexible (that’s…

This is a game changer.  A very small wi-fi enabled Linux computer with general purpose I/O (GPIO) ports, camera port, HDI port, micro SD slot and, drum roll, a wireless adapter built in, for $10.  I have a number of these and always end up putting them in some form of a case, to protect them.  This is a case that’s not a case, provides basic protection without any bulk or wasted space, what a great design.  Going to the local library to print one today.  Yep, the library.

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