GMH-013 Project Build Electronics Instrument Case

GMH-013 Project Build electronic test instruments case.┬áPlease excuse the audio I am testing out a Blue Yeti and I had the gain up too much, better than the first time when I didn’t have the damn thing plugged in. One of the design elements of my lab is that it needs to be portable.┬áThis carry case, which is an unused camera case, includes my test instruments which right now are kinda basic.This was a lazy Sunday build using exercise mats as the foam for the custom cutouts.

TIP: Use a really sharp knife and change the blades, the exercise foam really dulls them quickly.

Shout out to Julian Lett for inspiration and humor.

Julian Lett

GMH TD-V26 Radio postbag, Cute little radios

GMH-008 LED Tester

Microsoft Wireless keyboard and integrated trackpad

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Contents of the Instruments Case
– DS0112a – Touchscreen oscilloscope, with recording function
– DDS and HS Function signal generator
– Peakmeter PM18C Multimeter with power sensor, true RMS
– Innova 3320 Auto Ranging Multimeter
– TD-V26 Audio testing, audio generation, audio amplifier
(Not shown in parts image, but reviewed in a previous GMH video)

– TD-V26 FM Radio with audio out
– Electronic component identifier and tester
– Led tester, reviewed in a previous video

– Microsoft wireless keyboard with integrated touchpad
– Portable lab power supply (Home Built) 1v to 25v 3a
(Project Build video in the works)
– Portable soldering fume extruder (Home built)
(Shown in parts but removed for final kit to conserve space)
-DISko USB Oscilloscope and 16 channel logic analyzer
(To be replaced with newer technology)
– USB Volt/Amp/Watt meter
– DT-1130 Electromagnetic radiation detector
(Not in parts image)
(Reviewed in upcoming video)
– USB Power bank
– Various multimeter, power, signal and testing cables and jumpers

Any suggestions and feedback are appreciated.

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