7 reasons why you should always make a web or app prototype (or at least a wireframe)


  1. Get everyone speaking the same language
  2. Visualize the future product
  3. Share ideas
  4. Read the article if you want to know the rest.

via: Justinmind 7 reasons why…

Justinmind is a high-fidelity prototyping tool, not to be confused with wireframing.  Wireframing is a great way to quickly mock up some pages of a website for review and discussion.  Justinmind can take those static pages and bring them to life so the users, developers, and designers can all feel the flow between the pages.

Justinmind has data-driven simulations of what the content on the pages will look like.  Import a few Excel spreadsheets and you can see data that changes as you interact with the prototype.

Skip the email madness and collaborate with direct feedback on the design that everyone gets to share.  When you are at the point of needing documentation Justinmind can produce many reports as you can dream up using Word Templates.