Online FREE! Book: Power BI From Rookie to Rockstar


Haven’t you heard the news? Power BI Desktop released with superb features, there is a massive push in Microsoft for updating Power BI regularly and frequently which makes this product better and better each month, There are so much awesome things that you can do with Power BI, and many other reasons. I actually have to search for reasons why not Power BI!

via: Power BI Rookie to Rock Star

Microsoft is giving the other Business Intelligence vendors a run for the money.   There are still a few things Power BI is lacking but the Microsoft team is adding features “Every Month”.  When was the last time Business Objects or Microstrategy was feature updated?

You can start to learn Power-BI for free and do some pretty impressive stuff with it.  If you get to the point where you need to pay for it I think its $10 month.  Is your career worth a week of your time to learn and $10 a month?

Download this book to get started.  There are plenty of other free and “Done dirt cheap” training courses out there.