GMH 018 Postbag Comms Go Bag, RaspberryPiZero, USB Hub wireless

GMH018-Postbag-Comms Go-Bag, RaspberryPiZero, UDB Hub Wireless

Sorry about the long pause between video postings. I’ve some difficulties with my Video Editing software and post-production process. I finally broke down asked for some help from someone who does this all the time. It was well worth the pizza and beer.

Communications Go-Bag, Tactical Military Mid-Size Backpack by Something Strong

Rasberry Pi Zero Version 1.3

Pi zero case

USB 2.0 Hub with WiFi

GMH 008 Postbag Led Tester, Adafruit RGB HAT

GMH-008 Postbag Led tester, Adafruit RGB matrix Hat, metal buttons.  This is a postbag with a handful of items in it.

LED Tester for all types of LEDs…

Adafruit RGB Matric Hat

Add a little Times Square to your displays, is a Rasberry HAT from Adafruit with a LED matrix display.
Requires the RGB matrix use the Hub75 standard. Adafruit also tossed in a Real Time Clock (RTC) on the same board.

Adafruit breadboard metal tactile switches

Classy breadboard switches? Yep made from metal and smooth as….