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It’s time we gave the micro:bit an in-depth look, and showcase what exactly this impressive little device is capable of doing for you.

I recently bought one of these from Adafruit, see my YouTube video Postbag – Adadfruit micro:bit, arcade game pad GMH-063.  

In my first experiments with it, I was a little disappointed.  I tried to compare it to an Arduino or Raspberry PI which I  have become spoiled on.  I dug a little deeper and found some very interesting capabilities including

This was designed for beginners who want to get started without a large investment.  micro:bit runs on two AA batteries.  It has Bluetooth LE 4.0 built in so you can talk to it with just about any computing device.  With a compass and accelerometer, you can use it with motion-based projects, think Jedi Light Sabre.   Large alligator clip pads for when you are not allowed to solder like I am in the living room.  I can see a connector in the future to plug the micro:bit into to use all the pins.   To top it off it has an 8 x 8 led matrix on the back.

I thought maybe because of its size and being an unusual board that would be difficult to code.  Wrong again, “MakeCode: a drag and drop block coding system, and for the “Hard Core” 😉 folk it can be programmed with microPython.  Within 10 minutes after plugging in my AA battery pack I was able to build a block code program to change the led matrix to show rapid acceleration and point to the way to North.  I was very impressed now imagine if you 12 years old how you are going to feel.

I’m ordering one for the grandson for Christmas.  I’d recommend the micro:bit to anyone who still has a 12-year-old sense of excitement trapped in them.

Link to my Postbag video with micro:bit in it.

via Get to Know the BBC Micro:bit — Make: DIY Projects and Ideas for Makers

Postbag – Adadfruit micro:bit, arcade game pad GMH-063

Postbag Adafruit GMH-063, packages from Adafruit are always a joy to get. This one was special because it had a micro:bit BBC computer that can be coded with Microsofts Block editor, JavaScript or microPython.

00:29 Raspberry PI 3 Model b –

01:52 Adafruit Joy Bonnet for Raspberry Pi –

03:21 BBC micro:bit

Microsofts micro:bit web-based Block Editor / JavaScript –

micro:bit web-based microPython IDE –

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GMH 018 Postbag Comms Go Bag, RaspberryPiZero, USB Hub wireless

GMH018-Postbag-Comms Go-Bag, RaspberryPiZero, UDB Hub Wireless

Sorry about the long pause between video postings. I’ve some difficulties with my Video Editing software and post-production process. I finally broke down asked for some help from someone who does this all the time. It was well worth the pizza and beer.

Communications Go-Bag, Tactical Military Mid-Size Backpack by Something Strong

Rasberry Pi Zero Version 1.3

Pi zero case

USB 2.0 Hub with WiFi

GMH 008 Postbag Led Tester, Adafruit RGB HAT

GMH-008 Postbag Led tester, Adafruit RGB matrix Hat, metal buttons.  This is a postbag with a handful of items in it.

LED Tester for all types of LEDs…

Adafruit RGB Matric Hat

Add a little Times Square to your displays, is a Rasberry HAT from Adafruit with a LED matrix display.
Requires the RGB matrix use the Hub75 standard. Adafruit also tossed in a Real Time Clock (RTC) on the same board.

Adafruit breadboard metal tactile switches

Classy breadboard switches? Yep made from metal and smooth as….