London winter film and comic Con – Cosplay video

London Film and Comic Con Winter 2014 at Earls Court in London and of course we couldn’t resist taking our camera and filming some of the amazing cosplayers & special guests including Billy Boyd, Katee Sackhoff, Colin Salmon, Ariana Richards and Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson

This is a well done video of some cosplayers in action with a few well placed video effects to help accentuate the costumes.  I always look forward to these music videos after a comic con as they show off what a small group of people and a little music can do. 

Nikola Tesla–AC Rules song

Nikola Tesla Dood–Sarah Donner and Oatmeal

The Oatmeal is a great web site to invest some of your spare diversion time.  We grew up near Niagara Falls, New York.  When you drive along the Niagara Falls freeway on route to Niagara Falls there is a small pull off where there is a small statue of Nikola Tesla.  For someone when helped the world manage long distance power transmission it just didn’t seem enough.

His lab nearly got bulldozed away for apartments.   Do you think they would do that the the “Wizard of Menlo Park’s lab”?  Fortunately the owner of Oatmeal started a campaign and raised enough money to buy the Tesla lab site and now there is an effort to restore it.

Tesla and Edison were a couple of strange dudes for their time period and they are still considered eccentric.  Brilliant and creative people are often categorized as strange, weird and bizarre which kind of makes me feel better.

The Wiener Project, DIY Fail

First off if you are offended by this post you need to lighten up, it’s a hot dog hat.  Yes I said that … a hot dog hat.  One of my friends Amy wanted one of these and I wanted to  surprise her… so off to Amazon and Prime and a few days later in comes the hat.


The hat fit me ok but the wiener was a limp flat wiener and no one likes a limp flat wiener.  Devil  So I thought about sending it back for another but was impatient and didn’t want to wait.

I’m a Maker a DIY type of guy… I can fix this wiener and make the hat proud.



So here is the wiener on the workbench where you can see it needs a little help.  I’m wondering what can be used in place of the little blue pill?  Daddy’s helper?



So I look around on the shelves and come across a can of “Great Stuff” expanding foam.  One of the warnings you can see on the top of the can in this picture is “Wear Gloves”.

I didn’t read this or the warning repeated on the side of the can.  TIP:  Wear gloves this Stuff is super sticky.  When you get it on your hands you have to use a pot & pan scrubber to get it off.

This Stuff expands to 2-3 times it original volume.  NOTE: It takes time to do this, be patient, less is more.  Do like the instructions say Plan before use”

I cut a small hole in the bottom of the hat, stuck in the nozzle and put in some foam expecting it to expand rapidly.  When it didn’t I put in more foam and kept doing that over and over until the wiener felt firm.

It wasn’t long after I filled the wiener full of expanding foam that it started to ooze out of the hole I had cut in the bottom and started to stick the to the plaid part of the hat.  I panicked and grabbed a shop towel, in my bare hands, and started to clean up the excess.

I had sticky Stuff on my shirt, my hands, my cellphone and in my hair.  It was everywhere.  NOTE:  Let any excess foam be… it is much easier to clean up after it has hardened.  After I finished cleaning the hat the realization set in I can’t give away a sticky wiener hat.   Frustrated I tossed the hat on the bench and left it.

Next morning after I got over my failure it was back to the workshop to find the hat firmly stuck to the workbench table.  This is going to be a problem when  working on future projects.  So I pry the wiener from the workbench and find the hat looking like this.

So the wiener is hard and firm but the hat is a wreck.  My workbench is a mess, my shirt is in the garbage and I’m scarping sticky foam remnants off my new Samsung S5 and having my wife get Stuff out of my hair.   Overall a classic DIY Fail.

The folks who make “Great Stuff” make “Great Stuff Pro” that fills up twice as much as the classic “Great Stuff”.  Imagine the havoc you can reek with that Stuff!  image

After another quick Amazon and Prime order a replacement wiener came in and here is Amy wearing the hat.  Left the tag on for the Minnie Pearl look.  Look at how nice that wiener is.  Look at the smile on Amy’s face.  MORAL:  Rush in DIY usually results in a fail,  read the damn instructions on anything new.  Less is more.  Amazon Prime rules.

Makers Faire Grand Rapids 2014 Photo Album

Went to the First (I  hope) annual mini Makers Faire at the Grand Rapids Science Museum.  Have to admit this is an excellent venue to hold a Makers Faire.  Quite a crowd there and the museum had  a little problem handling all the folks.  I think they were caught off guard by how many geeks there are out there.   Made me smile.

Met some very interesting folks there and here is my photo album of the visit.   Click on the photo to zoom into it.  There are 2 pages of photos.  Enjoy!

[shashin type=”albumphotos” id=”2″ size=”medium” crop=”n” columns=”2″ caption=”y” order=”date” position=”center”]

Ice Bucket Challenge–Nate De Winkle

Nate gets chilly

Another Geek bites the ice… and another one gone… and another one gone…  ALS be gone there are too many Geeks willing to sacrifice for the cause.  

Ice Bucket Challenge, Multiple Buckets

What do techies do when they are bored?  They challenge each other to the Ice Bucket Challenge to benefit ALS.  So techie Dan challenges techie Jim and he decides to go big,  Jim wore his gangster suit and tie and sat in a chair while his little daughters poured ice water into his lap followed by 6 full coolers of Ice Water.   I missed the opening where he said this for ALS and where his passed the challenge along to Ty.  Ty was a techie, now he is a writer for the NFL.  I donated my money so I didn’t get challenged, how can you beat 6 buckets? Worth every dime!

Jim McEvoy does the Ice Bucket Challenge

Makers Faire 2014 Detroit

Made it to the Makers Faire this year in Detroit.  Missed the last couple of years so I was looking forward to it again and it did not disappoint me.  I enjoy seeing creative and talented people who think outside the box.  Saw the Lansing Makers tent which had a huge Tetris and Operation game set up that kids where flocked around.  I Love the Makers Faire standards like the cupcake cars, nearly getting run over by the 5 seat bicycle, Worlds Biggest Mouse trap and the Electric Kiddy Car Races.  

I took some 3D pictures which in the future I will figure out how to post so they can be viewed.  Here are a few 2D pictures that I took.


I understand there is an Mini Makers Faire in Grand Rapids Aug 30th and 31st at the GR Museum.


Our robot overloads, they had ones built and ones in bags you could build.


There were a number of electric guitars in this tent and they all worked.  This is the one I pick out for my friend Monty who has one of every guitar.


A collection of robot heads made out of coffee percolators.    Very clever but no coffee to be found anywhere.


OK this is an evil place.  A place with electronic kits, Raspberry Pi’s, Micro Arduinos, books and tee-shirts that all talk to me “Take me Home…”.  I go to this tent last so I don’t have to haul all my booty around.  Bad tent.

Dr. Dre Brings Tupac Shakur back to life (Coachella) NSFW

The Dead Walk Again–Zombies or Tupac?

I’m not a hip hop fan.   Some of it has depth and most of it is just rage that rhymes.   This post isn’t about hip hop or all the stars at the Coachella music festival .   It’s about the idea that someone mainstream (Not Japanese) introduced a (almost) hologram into a major production.  I happen to believe that holograms are going to be a big entertainment value added component.

Dr. Dre paid $10 million dollars to have the hologram of Tupac Shakur do a number at the festival.  No so tough except Tupac is desceased.   Many threads I read about this think it was disrespectful others think it makes Tupac immortal.   My 2 cents is  this is just the beginning of new venue.  My prediction is that in the future we will have entire concerts that are holo generated.  Can’t wait to see Janice, Jimmy and Jim together in concert again.

Happy 100th Wernher

Happy 100th Wernher,  you helped make the US space program something cool for me when I was kid.     Checkered history aside without Dr von Braun we wouldn’t have the space program that we …. shit we don’t have a space program…. never mind.