GMH-019 Project Build Volt.Amp meter Partial Fail!

GMH-019 Project Build Volt.Amp meter Partial Fail! Warning: This is a long video 46 Minutes. It was my first experience using VideoPad to do the editing. Right now Camtasia is on my hit list. This project build started out simple. Build a dedicated Volt/Ohm meter into Altoids case. Make it small, make it portable. Use scrap parts and one of those Chinese $11 LED Volt/Amp meters that can be powered from 3.5 to 12 VDC.

Forgot about needing to tune the meter to the proper voltage and what is the “Proper voltage”?
Forgot about how hard it is to just paint an Altoid tin so that the paint lasts.
Forgot about orientation, like which way is “Up”.
Forgot about component fitting “Fully Assembled”

I had a ball doing this project and when at the end, it kinda failed, I was still happy because of how much I learned.
Just when you think you know everything something as small as this project sets your ass back in line again.
Slow down and plan better was my advice to myself. Hope I was listening.

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