Zombies – The open source monsters

Filmmaker George A. Romero invented our modern concept of a zombie as a slow-walking, flesh-eating ghoul. However his creation has been mimicked and reimagined countless times when other classic monsters such as the Boris Karloff style Frankenstein has been fiercely protected from copyright infringement by Universal Studios. This video explains how a copyright mistake has…

This kinda explains the explosion of zombie based movies, TV Series back 5-10 years ago.  I often attend meetings where at least half of the attendees are zombies, looking for brains.

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Is it modern art or is it data?


Data visualizations on acid.  A researcher with R programming language and mortgage rates for the last 30 days took data and turned it into some form of modern art.  The whole package is available on GitHub.

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“Maker” shows how 80’s synth music was made. Yeah, I miss the 80’s

Here’s a trip down 80’s lane. Espen Kraft brings an 80’s synth-pop tutorial, via MATRIXSYNTH From Espen Kraft: My main inspiration and goal is to relive and renew the 80s music with its glorious and melancholic synth-pop. I do this using old gear, having fun and just do what I love the most! Hear more!

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Side projects keep developers and builders sharp and alive.

Depositphotos_62207591_l-2015-1-768x768.jpg I don’t know a single software developer who hasn’t thought of starting a side project. I, myself, have had many different side projects throughout my career. Well, I should be more clear by saying that I started many side projects throughout my career. To be honest, most of them didn’t get finished. To be honest, most them didn’t…

“Always have a side project” is something I have told every developer who I have managed or mentored.  “Make it kinda related to what we do” that way we get double the mileage out of it.  I have a lot of dreams, those projects you get caught up in preparing for and never finish or worse yet never get started.  I started a YouTube channel GeekMustHave as a side project with the goal of sharing experiences I’ve had with technology.  This is a side project that is never done but still has mini dreams I turn into video goals.

Pick a side project that is just a little bit more than you know how to do.  This way the amount of learning is possible in a short period of time.  One goal that has been achieved helps to give you the commitment for the other side projects you’re considering.

This article reminded me how much of a “Starter” I am and less of a “Finisher”.  It’s a great read for all developers.

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Manning free programming eBooks

freebooks.gif Just click the icon to the left, follow the instructions to sign up, and you’ll be added to Manning’s Deal of the Day mailing list. This means that during the month of December you’ll receive a special discount for a particular Manning publication in your email each day, good for that day only. So, remember to check your inbox regularly and act fast if you wish to get the deal!

What Makes a Team Great?

2016-09-15_12-45-25.pngI have had the privilege of being on 3 different teams that were great.   This same question has come up each time.  Opinion:  One or two drivers, those who help push the group tp greatness without appearing pushy, very difficult.  Open communication where everyone gets a turn to talk and systems to help that process along.  One great team had a Remote Bulletin Board System yes, a BBS.  It was called HARLIE and I still have a copy of it on diskettes floating around somewhere.

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Between the UK/EU and Coding is Over, I’m screwed


Woke up this morning to find out the UK bailed from the UE.  Pre-opening stock numbers were in the negative 700’s.  Now this article “Coding is Over” by Lauren, I’m looking for a large piece of cardboard and a sharpie marker.   This article was a very interesting read from someone who has only been doing coding for 3 months.  I have heard of Automatic Program Generator for the last upfourty years.  None of them have mounted up to anything significant.

I’m all about code reuse and modular design and keeping the “Pace” to produce up high as possible.  In the end the stock markets will recover and I’ll throw away my cardboard sign and we will all be back on the boring path of Life.



Technology Pinnacle and the adoption curve


Special thanks to Daniel Stori comic on the topic of technology “Pinnacle”.  This is so true but, it not just limited to blood relatives it also includes friends who you treat you as their “Rent a Geek”, customers not in the IT industry, employees of other IT consulting firms and even some CIO’s.  Technology topics that seem to have passed the pinnacle include relational databases, not relational database, dashboards, agile, scrum, kanban, analytics, JavaScript full stack, cloud anything, streaming and big data.