Lets not talk about the elephant (Hadoop) in the room


Hadoop and HealthCare is a pairing that can help patient outcomes become much more positive.  Everyone who is a health care provider from the nurse aids, doctors, pharmacists, large corporate medical providers all the way to State and Federal governments could be using this but, many are not. Big data sounds impressive and is the “Bright Shinny” thing.  The Hadoop elephant is slowly plodding though the ranks of these providers, and it scares them.  The lack of the “Structure” in the data makes some think it not very usable, highly inaccurate and less intuitive to consume.   The IT departments say “It’s Not SQL, it’s not relational”.  Others think it’s necessary to convert all the structured SQL based databases to Hadoop Document databases.  Some other worry about how they combine two different beasts together.  This article from Richard Proctor outlines just some of the way the elephant in the room should be a new tool for innovation in health care; it is a multi-part article and worthy read.