What makes a successful big data strategy? State of Big Data 2018


To gather insights on the state of big data in 2018, we talked to 22 executives from 21 companies who are helping clients manage and optimize their data to drive business value. We asked them, “What are the keys to a successful big data strategy?” Here’s what they told us: ID the Business Problem Understand…

Breaks down into some of the simple and standard key factors in any database and analytics process.

  • What is the problem, the pain, not the flash?
  • Requirements; is it performance or access, what is the balance
  • Experiment with the data, with real honest to God users, refine and repeat
  • Have a worthy goal, something tangible

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2017 Big Data and Analytics Surprises — DZone Big Data Zone

5 Ways Big Data can Save or Destroy your Business.

Given how fast technology is changing, we thought it would be interesting to ask IT, executives, to share their thoughts on the biggest surprises in 2017 and their predictions for 2018. Here’s what they told us about the biggest surprises about big data and analytics. We’ll cover predictions for 2018 in a couple of other articles.

  • Get your security act together folks
  • Hadoop, the honeymoons over, time for a divorce
  • Look up at the clouds, it’s raining analytics

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Top 9 JavaScript Charting Libraries — DZone Web Dev Zone

Since you’re reading this, it surely would be no news to you that data visualization has become a very critical part of the IT world today. The huge amount of data being generated by different web technologies needs to be properly refined and visualized for the world to use and gain insights from it. The…

The question here is now how hard is it to do data visualization using JavaScript.  The real question is which of the many options is the one to use.  I use a combination of D3 and C3 (One of the libraries in this article.) with some amount of success.  Not everything is free but for good information in a visual format, a few bucks is a good investment.

The nice thing about this article is it has code examples for each of the libraries to give you an idea of how they function.

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Is Tableau Right for You? 10-Point Checklist to Make the Right Decision — DZone Big Data Zone

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If you are choosing a business intelligence tool for your analytics, you have probably heard of Tableau Software. Tableau provides desktop, server, and hosted software that allows users to connect, explore, and visualize their data. Tableau has native connectors that enable it to query relational databases, cloud databases, flat files, and spreadsheets. Interestingly, Tableau was…

Of all the business intelligence tools I’ve used, I enjoy Tableau the most.  I’ve been a Business Objects, Crystal Report developer and instructor for many years and sadly it has become obsolete.  Some of the things I do in Tableau are just not possible in Business Objects.  The runner-up for BI tool is Microsoft PowerBI.  It is still in the growing stage but, it grows every single month.

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Business Intelligence comparisons done dirt cheap

The proliferation of business intelligence platforms, tools, and software stacks is dizzying. It seems that not a week goes by in which a new product isn’t introduced to the market, which grows ever more fragmented and confusing. Specialized business intelligence tools for cloud-based data visualization, Hadoop, text analytics, and other specific solutions for certain analyses…

It’s official I’m doing any more BI comparison posts.  I just can’t keep up.  I swear there is either new BI tool every week or a “New Features” post on an existing one.  Recently I did a comparison of a specific set of BI Tools requested by a State Agency.  The problem was the selected set of tools to review didn’t provide the best solution.  Now there are 19 websites with comparisons out the Yazoo and you don’t have to pay a consultant, or do you?   This week I have 2 favorites Tableau and Microsofts Power-BI.  I’m fickle so next week it may be something different.

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Online FREE! Book: Power BI From Rookie to Rockstar


Haven’t you heard the news? Power BI Desktop released with superb features, there is a massive push in Microsoft for updating Power BI regularly and frequently which makes this product better and better each month, There are so much awesome things that you can do with Power BI, and many other reasons. I actually have to search for reasons why not Power BI!

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Microsoft is giving the other Business Intelligence vendors a run for the money.   There are still a few things Power BI is lacking but the Microsoft team is adding features “Every Month”.  When was the last time Business Objects or Microstrategy was feature updated?

You can start to learn Power-BI for free and do some pretty impressive stuff with it.  If you get to the point where you need to pay for it I think its $10 month.  Is your career worth a week of your time to learn and $10 a month?

Download this book to get started.  There are plenty of other free and “Done dirt cheap” training courses out there.



Gartner positions Microsoft as a leader in BI and Analytics Platforms for ten consecutive years


If you believe in the Magical Mystery Gartner Quadrant (MMGQ) then this news is significant.  The MMGQ may not be so important to you if your business is small to medium sized.  The important takeaway here is that Microsoft has gone from zero in the BI marketplace to 3rd or 4th n just a few years.  They are starting to address the cloud-only issue and get the self-serve option in place.  Their desktop tool is very powerful and the results can be stunning.  But just like desktop publishing didn’t make the average Joe a publisher, a good BI tool won’t make Joe a data analytics or visualization god.

Microsoft has relaunched itself with things like Power-BI, Visual Studio Code, Powershell everywhere, Windows core, SQL Server on Linux and much more.   I have gotten to see some more of the future and I can tell you to hold on it will be an exciting ride.

Tableau, Microsoft and Qlik are the three lone-remaining leaders in this year’s Magic Quadrant.

ext.jpegIf you a big follower of the “Magic Quadrant” from Gartner then this announcement from Timothy King reflects what I have been telling folks for the past year.  The BI players have changed and those providing self-service, less IT infrastructure  and desktop/web tools are winning.  There should be no surprise that Microsoft with Power-BI in here too.  Microsofts new mindset of continuous development and feature enhancements has made it viable.  Some new Microsoft announcements of SSRS 2016 support in-house Power-BI deployment was the missing component.

Self-Serve BI on the way out already?


Tell me it isn’t so.  Self-Service BI is already old news.  This article in Solutions Reviews claims this. The report found that 67 percent of IT respondents have already provided self-service solutions to their end users, with access to these tools is up 21 percent in two years. Though access to self-service has never been greater, enterprises are foregoing this route, and adoption has declined more than 20 percent during the same period. Logi Analytics believes that the self-service pendulum is swinging back in the other direction, citing lack of value to the broader market of users. Are end users rejecting open stand-alone solutions to analyze data?

Microsoft ups the BI game


Microsoft is trying to give the other “on-Demand” Business Intelligence vendors a run for their money.  The enterprise folks didn’t give Power-BI a second glance when they leanered the only way to publish was to the cloud.  Cloud = Bad.   There was talk of SSRS being able to be the portal for all things Power-BI and now some if this has come true.

Microsoft has an Azure appliance that you can “play with” while Microsoft tunes things up.  I think this is going to be a look-see for me in the near future.  I will post what I find.