VUE.JS 2.0 Tutorial Net Ninja YouTube series

If you have decided you have had enough of the Angular (Which version are we on now game) and React taking too much effort and you have settled on Vue then this is one of the free courses you can take on YouTube.  Vue is a progressive Javascript framework which means you can work it into projects a little bit at a time.  A very small footprint of 20KB min+gzip Runtime, Blazing Fast Virtual DOM, Minimal Optimization Efforts.  The add-ons allow Vue to handle HTTP requests and do routing.

There are 44 Episodes, each a small part of the VUE infrastructure with code examples.  I tent to agree with the instructor this is one of the best FREE video series on YouTube if not the entire web.  Presentation style is quick and precise and keeps your attention.

I thought I was hot shit after taking some other VUE training and discovered, after taking this tutorial,  I was just a little shit.  I appreciate the effort that went into these videos and would highly recommend them.

It doesn’t hurt that I live in East Lansing home to Chris Fritz, a member of Vue core team,  and get to hear him talk at some Meetups.  All it took was one 15 minute conversation with Chris and I switched gears to Vue.  I’m still learning but, it is going well.

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Brief Analysis of the State of JavaScript 2017 Results

image showing the relative use of typescript and flow among React developers

In the 2017 edition of the “State of JavaScript”, over 28,000 developers responded, supplying the community with a diverse dataset to analyze, enabling myriad discoveries about how JavaScript is being used. JavaScript continues to change at a fever pace with some industry stalwarts stalling while upstarts advance. By David Iffland

Looks like I bet on the right horse, Vue jumped ahead of Angular (whatever version it is today).  REST/JSON needs to look out for GraphQL.

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Vue.JS Dev-Tools Chrome Add-In

Vue apps are a joy to write, and often fairly easy to debug. But do you know what would make debugging better? A dedicated way to hook into Vue apps and manipulate them from your browser’s devtools. What? Such a thing already exists? Oh. Well then. I … more

The Alligator knows these things.  I trust the Alligator to tell me things about kits like Angular, Ionic and Vue.  I was an Angular fanboy right up until the Version 2.0 “Let’s rewrite everything”, now they have gone right to version 4.0, kinda make me wonder.  Then I was a React wannabe trying my best to muddle my way through it.  Then a very wise person by the name of Chris, you know who you are, educated me about Vue.JS and now I at the point of where “I don’t suck at it” anymore.  I have a long way to go to be using it professionally.  I did have some questions about how do I look at my components in tree format like the DOM in the browser debugger?  Your page changes over time, is there a time machine that I can roll back time and see what the page looked like?  There is! Yea!!!

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Shit.. Does this ever end? Angluar 4.0 has “Gentle Learning Curve” really?

From our last blog, you already know that Angular 4 was going to release in March 2017. On the 23rd, Google’s Angular team finally announced the release of version 4 skipping the 3rd one. As the long awaited release of Angular 2 was a complete makeover of the previous version, this time they have kept…

I still haven’t recovered from the Angular 1.5 to Angular 2.0 “Let’s start from scratch” approach to product updates.  The Google folks skipped Angular 3.0 because they might have been afraid that developers would freak out again.  So how does Angular 4.0 affect me, not much I skipped using them on the last projects.

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MERN the new JavaScript stack


TherModern Application Stack – Part 1: Introducing The MEAN Stack introduced the technologies making up the MEAN (MongoDB, Express, Angular, Node.js) and MERN (MongoDB, Express, React, Node.js) Stacks, why you might want to use them, and how to combine them to build your web application (or your native mobile or desktop app). The remainder of…

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There has been some discontent when the migration from Angular 1/1.5 to Angular 2.o actually became a rewrite.  I switched to React after seeing some very convincing presentations and talking with some somewhat rabid developers. I am also looking at Vue as a replacement for the Angular / React part of the full stack.  I wonder how long it will be before we see the MEVN stack being discussed.

Manning free programming eBooks

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AngularJS vs ReactJS, both.. because it “Depends”

AngularJS-vs-ReactJS-detailed.jpgAngularJS is managed by Google and ReactJS is owned by Facebook. Both of them are unique and resourceful in their own ways. These frameworks are quite easy to use with high-end potential to build cutting-edge mobile and web applications. However, they have their differences too. Which brings the topic ‘AngularJS vs ReactJS: which is better?’Before…

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Angular 2, just as I was mastering Angular 1


Just as I was cutting my chops on Angular 1 and two-way data binding and all sorts of cool stuff along comes Angular 2 and rains on my happy parade.   The Angular folks said we don’t need to be backward compatible with Angular 1 because we are making Angular 2 so damn awesome.  I could just wait for Angular 3 before I get started in the JS full stack stuff but until then this tutorial written by Matt Raible is a great introduction to Angular 2.  I’ve noticed recently there are quite a few video tutorial on Angular 2 on YouTube as well.  Right now Angular 2 is one step away from the production world, we shall see, we shall see.