Software development explained with Cars

The only thing more difficult than building software for a client is explaining how software is built to a client.  So we sat down to explain this incredibly complicated concept the only way we knew how – with pictures, and with cars:

Special thanks to Dan H. for pointing this most excellent infographic to me.  The folks at Toggl have outdone themselves.  I live in Michigan and I find using Cars as a metaphor works to explain complicated stuff.  I plan to make a post from this for my office.




Kanban, Scrum aren’t equal to the Agile Manifesto


No truer word are spoken than these, “The Agile Manifesto is simple, clean and doesn’t enforce any methods.”  This opinion piece by Yusuf Autas is right on the money.  Less is more, less meeting, less new roles, less new terminology.   Focus on building something quickly, refine it until the customer says “Wow”!  Some of the Scrum disciplines are just in place so management can see a process they might be able to interject new goals and visions.  I like to use Kanban Tool to organize my projects.  This is simple and to the point task management system.


Larger projects may require some better tasks tracking in which case I would use Atlassian’s JIRA and its boards.  It is possible to connect these two tools together to take advantage of the best features of each of them.

jira.jpgI am currently working on some presentation and course material on putting the Agile train back on track after the Scrumnado wrecks I have witnessed.  I will post them here at GeekMustHave.