Who reads Terms of Agreement & Legal Stuff

Digital Ocean.png
Well in the case of Digital Ocean you may want to.   It’s very impressive they have taken the complex, and wordy legalese you often see in legal agreements see below…


..and posted is side by side with the contract language so that ordinary folk can read it, see below.


Something else that is very curious, DigitalOcean is very transparent about the requests they get from the government for your stuff on their systems.  You will probably start seeing more of this behaviour as more companies realize that it does matter to us who looks at our stuff in the name of the law and terrorism.


DigitalOcean also publishes the forms required by law enforcement and the courts for getting access to resources on their servers.  Who does this?  Take a few minutes to read the DigitalOcean Terms of Agreement and the other tabs to see how one company stands up for our privacy that isn’t in the news every hour, they just do it quietly in the background, on our behalf.

Disclosure: I use DigitalOcean droplets for doing all sorts of testing and development work.  Prices are inexpensive; access is awesome, and they give me a good feeling about the privacy and security of my stuff.  I don’t get a dime for saying this.