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5 Ways Big Data can Save or Destroy your Business.

Given how fast technology is changing, we thought it would be interesting to ask IT, executives, to share their thoughts on the biggest surprises in 2017 and their predictions for 2018. Here’s what they told us about the biggest surprises about big data and analytics. We’ll cover predictions for 2018 in a couple of other articles.

  • Get your security act together folks
  • Hadoop, the honeymoons over, time for a divorce
  • Look up at the clouds, it’s raining analytics

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SQL Server Machine Learning Services – Part 1: Python Basics

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With the release of SQL Server 2017, Microsoft changed the name of R Services to Machine Learning Services (MLS) and added support for Python, a widely implemented programming language known for its straightforward syntax and code readability. As with the R language, you can use Python to transform and analyze data within the context of a SQL Server database and then return the modified data to a calling application.

Here it is again “Python” being used for the programming language of data.  This series will introduce you to the renamed “R” now called “Machine Learning Services”.  MLS is a simple recipe, take the “R” stats engine, add a pinch of Python, add a cup of training.  This might be an interesting concept.  Guess I need to break out the Python in 30 Days book again.


Top 9 JavaScript Charting Libraries — DZone Web Dev Zone

Since you’re reading this, it surely would be no news to you that data visualization has become a very critical part of the IT world today. The huge amount of data being generated by different web technologies needs to be properly refined and visualized for the world to use and gain insights from it. The…

The question here is now how hard is it to do data visualization using JavaScript.  The real question is which of the many options is the one to use.  I use a combination of D3 and C3 (One of the libraries in this article.) with some amount of success.  Not everything is free but for good information in a visual format, a few bucks is a good investment.

The nice thing about this article is it has code examples for each of the libraries to give you an idea of how they function.

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3D Graphics JS Library WhiteStorm is coming


Imagine writing a JavaScript application with full 3D graphics capability.  Sounds simple but when you include the physics of an object, shadows and where the light is coming from it starts to get overwhelming.  This article by Alexander introduces the WhiteStorm JS library.  After going to WhiteStorm website and trying some of the examples there, I can see this as an extension to the D3.JS charts library to create business intelligence charts that have three dimensions that you look at from 360 degrees by just dragging the mouse about.  Whitestorm with some other components is going to be a significant improvement to complex analytics.   Yes,  I know they are touting WhiteStorm as a gaming library but think a little outside the box. I have added this to my review and test list.  New at 11PM.


Data Driven Document D3 JavaScript Library


If you are considering adding analytics support by graphic charts to your JavaScript application you should seriously consider using the D3 JavaScript library.  This article shows some excellent example of the types of charts that can be done with D3.  The extensive flexibility of this library has a steep learning curve but, it is worth the time investment.