Justinmind Version 7.7 released


The Justinmind (JIM) folks are keeping up the heat with improvements to the best prototyping tool around.  Don’t confuse prototyping with wireframes.  They have added training wheels to allow those who don’t use it regularly to be “Stepped” through how things work.   These training wheels can be taken off for those who already ride the JIM bike.  They have improved Scenarios with the ability to add images and a full-screen editing.  They have improved Requirements by allowing a single requirement be attached to multiple elements of a page.  Last they added a real Bootstrap UI no more using a user-created widget library from 4 years ago.   Keep your eyes open for some “Techniques” videos on JIM from our training branch.

Add Business Charts to your SLIDES.COM deck using AMCharts FREE!

If you use Slides.Com to create your presentation material and you need some business charts to spice it up, then this presentation will show how you can use AmCharts.com “Live Editor” to create a masterpiece for your slide deck. AmCharts is an excellent charting JavaScript library add-on for websites. However, the Free, yes I said FREE “Live Editor” allows you to upload a CSV file and turn it into a business chart. The data and the chart are saved, on the AmCharts server and you generate the embed code, that you can use to put it in other sites, like SLIDES.com.