Justinmind vs. Protoshare Prototyping

When doing the design for a web application one of the considerations will be if the site is“Content” centric, “Commerce” centric  or “Data” centric.  Content centric sites have a fixed number of pages with very little data (ie: Blogs, Information sites, Wiki’s).  Commerce centric sites have a lot of data, images and a method for buying things (ie: Amazon, eBay).  A Data centric site is typically one that has lots of data and servers a specific purpose (ie: Monitoring Health Care Beneficiaries, Viewing Court Cases or reviewing store sales)  The prototyping tool you chose will have an impact on how your prototypes appear to the shareholders.

I’ve used Protoshare for the last 2 years and taught may others.  GeeMustHave has some tips and techniques for getting the most from Protoshare.  Recently a new prototyping tool has come to attention called Justinmind.  Justinmind is a Windows based tool that saves your prototypes locally in a file and optionally publishing them to the web for others to view and collaborate on.  If your web sites are “Data” centric you are going to love this application even if it doesn’t run on Apple Mac or Linux.

I’ve just begun an analysis and comparison of the two prototyping tools and will continue to do so for the next year or so.  I’m going to maintain the chart below as I discover different aspects of the 2 tools.

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