Wolfman Joe and Mega Larb

Paper craft is the art of taking paper and turning into objects that have appeal.  Monsters are objects and deserve some paper craft love.  Papertoy Monsters by Castleforte is a great starter book for making monsters from paper.   There are 50 monsters printed in high color pre-punched heavy paper.  All you need is a little time some glue, I recommend Cyanocrylate Adhesive aka CA or Superglue.  I also recommend you get some needle tips for the CA glue to help glue joints together and make them strong. Each of the punched out parts have printed numbers on them to assist you in gluing them together without going crazy. Prefold the parts on the lines before you glue them and the assembly goes much quicker. 

I love the feel of Superglue on my fingers in the morning… it smells like… success.

Mega Larb


Is a Giant alien monster from well beyond the Milky Way Galaxy.  No one has any idea of how or why he got to Earth – people only know that he appeared one day outside a small suburb of St. Petersburg (then known as Leningrad).   After seven days of failed airstrikes against the giant monster with virtually no effect at all, the Soviet government finally decided the destroying the creature was unnecessary.

It turns out the Mega Larb is a very mellow fellow.  How show aggression only when provoked, and he is very mindful of his surroundings.  Currently residing off the coast of Florida, where he spends most of his time in the water.  Mega Larg loves to entertain children by doing back flips, wrangling sharks and blowing giant saltwater bubbles.

Wolfman Joe


Born in Chicago in 1905, Wolfman Joe started working as a brute enforcer the the Chicago North Side mob in his early 20s.  It was during an attempt to “rub out” Al Capone that Wolfman Joe encountered the “dogs” that would forever alter his life.  The moon was full that night. Joe tracked Capone to an abandoned warehouse, where he hopes to surprise the Capone mob.  Instead a pack of huge, vicious dogs attacked him, biting him repeatedly before he was able to escape.  A few days later, the transformation began: His skin started growing fur, his voice became deeper, and his teeth grew long. 

Within a year he went from a human being to being a true wolf.  Unlike other werewolves which only change during the full moons, Wolfman Joe is always a wolf.  He has retained his ability to speak, however, he now lives in retirement in Boca Raton, Florida.

Daright monster


Born where light and dark meet, this dragon angel monster is a unique creature.  she can change her form from solid to gas and use her  gaseous form to travel great distances across the universe at the speed of light .

She can also bend the light and shadow to her will.  Caught in the perennial struggle between good and evil.  Daright can choose her path at any time.

When she is good, she is helpful and kind.when she chooses evil she will wreak havoc on  anyone who gets in her way.   Part dragon part angel and all monster, Daright can also turn herself into binary code  , thus  enabling her to go anywhere  in the universe instantaneously

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