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Mice, they are so 90’s


Everyone uses them.  Mice.  So of us can’t use them because of things like Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.  If you a Mac user you may be accustomed to the touchpad like on a MacBook Air.  If you’re a Windows user you may have used to a touchpad on a Notebook.  If you use desktops you may be stuck using that mousey contraption.

Logitech makes a large touchpad called the T650 which I have been using at work and in my lab for a few years now.  I suffer from CTS and find this device very useful, powerful and sometimes frustrating.  If it’s too for from the “unifying Receiver” then it loses it mind and forgets it’s job of pointing the cursor around the screen.  Sometimes it forgets that “tap” really means a “click “in Windowspeak.  But generally it is a good device and will go for about 3 weeks before you have plug it in to recharge it. 

More important is the T650 support gestures.  Things like tap, swipe and pinch.  You can give a 3 year old child a tablet and within a few minutes they are gesturing like madmen.  It is the evolution of user interaction with machine.   Web designers have to adjust web site design to acknowledge how people interact with PC’s, tablets and cellphones.  Prototyping tools need to handle how people use their fingers to move about a web site more than just hyperlinks.  Soon we will have ambient displays that seem to hang in the air that humans franticly swipe at to make things happen. 

“Jim, I’m a Doctor not a web designer”