WordPress LiveWriter and Code Formatting

I use Microsoft’s Live Writer to build most of my posts to GeekMustHave.  It is a great tool for free.  There are some tips on using it better and across the cloud.  I often will include code snippets that I would like to be color formatted to be easy to read and digest.  I also want the viewer to be able to copy the code for reference, sometimes I’m that viewer. Embarrassed smile    I would like to recommend the Live Writer plugin from Steve Dunn


I use it formatted like what you see to the left. 

ActiPro engine is wonderful  as it does a much better job at formatting and supports more types of code.

The slightly blue background helps to offset the code from the post.

The (vb.net) language is used when formatting VBA code because the Visual Basic language template has a few issue, but the alternative works great.

Leave the line numbers off to avoid them being copied by the viewer when they are copying the code

Avoid word wrap it make the result look jagged.